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Quality service is important to us at SINN & This Administration Page provides information for potential advertisers, models, writers, members and customers in the following sections:

A. Collections and SINNGirls Models
B. THE FORUM Submissions
C. Membership
D. Store Merchandise

For issues concerning the scope of your use and legal or policy questions, please first refer to our USER AGREEMENT on the Legal Page. To the extent your inquiry involves a matter not addressed in these sections, please refer to our Contact Page for appropriate contact information to direct your inquiry.


If you are interested in modeling with SINN & SKINN, please fill out our Model Submission Form on the Submissions Page. All models must be eighteen (18) years or older, and present a government issued photo identification to confirm your age and for our records in compliance with 18 U.S.C. § 2257. All models must complete our standard model agreement and release.

In responding to your submission, we will include information concerning pay rates and potential travel expenses.


For models interested in shooting with SINN & SKINN, as part of our Collections — including American Beauty, PINK and Scandalous, as well as our Features — you must completely fill out the Model Application Form, and submit at least three (3) pictures for consideration as directed at the bottom of the page.

The American Beauty Collection is our signature brand, featuring glamour nude themes, predominately with fresh new faces that exemplify a natural, All-American beauty. It is a distinguished style that incorporates fashion and lingerie, combining glamour and subtle sex appeal in compelling images.

The PINK Collection appeals to the more playful, sexy style of the centerfold nude, including a more mature and open style with feature models. PINK is unmistakably sexier, using full exposure nudes for an erotic style.

The Scandalous Collection explores deep erotic and fetish themes in a tasteful and artistic exploration of bondage, ropes, restraints, leather and vinyl in high contrast black and white and color. It is a provocative and powerful collection of dramatic and edgy nudes.

The Features Collection displays a broad range of creative concepts, ordinarily involving group shoots. These shoots are more involved in terms of production, often requiring travel for location shoots, and include a range of unique themes, incorporating as examples, body paint, theatrical themes, and other artistic styles.

SINNGirls Pages

Models interested in our SINNGirls Pages should complete the entire SINNGirl Signup,and submit at least three (3) pictures. Your profile must be reviewed and approved before it will appear on the website. If you are selected to participate, we will send you additional information to complete your profile, including our standard SINNGirls agreement and release as well as the rates we pay for SINNGirls Profiles. Please refer questions to

SINNGirls Profiles do not require shoots with SINN & SKINN, and in most instances we prefer to use your portfolio pictures as part of your profile.


Freelance writers seeking to submit their work for publication in THE FORUM should submit their work by email attachment in Microsoft Word format (preferably Times New Roman, 12 point font) to the following email address: Please allow up to ten (10) days for a response regarding your submission. Please do not email regarding the status of your submission.

If we are interested in accepting your piece, we will notify you and send along our standard freelance writer agreement and the rate we are willing to pay for your submission. We generally pay between $100-$250 for submissions ($100 is our standard introductory rate), depending on quality and length. We purchase full copyrights, and all accepted pieces are subject to our editing process.

Frequently Asked Writer Questions:

1. What kind of pieces do you accept?

Please read article abstracts from THE FORUM available on our Blog page as the best indicator of the type of work we are seeking.

THE FORUM at SINN & SKINN accepts articles, reports, news, interviews, book reviews, commentaries and perspectives, between 750-1250 words, addressing issues related to sex, dating and relationships. Within that range we publish a wide variety of topics addressing sexuality, identity, politics, law, health, aging, erotica, social issues, gender equality, sex toys, bondage, fantasy, marriage, infidelity, advice, tips, research, opinions, and experiences, to name a few. We have few limits, except standards for writing and overall quality. We do not accept pieces that are overtly racist, homophobic or that single out any particular group, including work that is degrading or advocates intolerance or violence. We believe firmly in freedom of speech, but some speech we prefer you do in another forum, not ours.

We should not have to say this, but some areas are off limits — anything dealing with sex and children, pedophilia, bestiality and/or necrophilia.

We do not accept erotic stories (even if they are true stories). If you are writing about an experience or erotica, it should be in the form of an article, report or exposé that has a theme or idea expressed or discussed through your particular experience or erotica within the context of a larger discussion.

Please do not send samples, pitches or excerpts, as we are seeking complete submissions. Please do not refer us to your blog page to see if there are any pieces we may want to consider, except in connection with the submission of an actual piece.

2. How are submissions evaluated? What qualities are you looking for in the writing you accept?

Submissions are evaluated by our first line reviewers, who are staff writers for THE FORUM. Substantially all pieces are accepted or rejected at this stage. Unfortunately, we reject some 98% or higher of the submissions we receive. Some submissions are submitted to our full editorial board for further consideration, if a submission presents special issues or if a determination could not be made at the first review. Rarely are pieces submitted to the board.

In making our decisions, we are looking for original and unique ideas, writing that has a strong and well-developed theme idea or concept, incorporates sophisticated and provocative prose (profanity is acceptable so long as it is used effectively), is concise, focused and takes a discrete piece of an interesting issue and brings out some thought-provoking information, perspective or idea that will capture our reader’s attention from beginning to end. For instance, we are interested in articles that address the value of dirty talk in enhancing your role play experience, rather than generic articles that discuss how role play can spice up a relationship.

We seek writers who display maturity and experience in the areas they discuss. We expect pieces to be well researched and developed, with at least an appreciation of different perspectives and the diverse community in which we live. We expect that our writers will use their personal experience to help better convey the issues they are writing about in their work. For example, please do not submit a piece about a swinger dating website if you have never been on one, or only went to one to write the article.

Most important we are seeking writers who are open to critique and editing, traits that sometimes don’t reveal themselves until far into the editing process. Our editing process seeks to make your writing better, so we hope that the writers we select are open to the comments and suggestions of our editors and other writers who all help to review and edit accepted pieces.

3. What if my piece is rejected?

It happens, and you are in good company. Given the significant number of submissions we receive, we reject a large number of good writing for a number of reasons. Please, however, do not resubmit or ask for further consideration of the same piece. We do not provide feedback, unless we feel there are issues that can be resolved with relatively few changes or reorganization and we believe in the piece.

If your piece is rejected, however, you may want to review again our standards and pieces we have published that are available on our Blogger page to help guide your evaluation and potential revision of your piece. Please do not stop writing! Feel free to submit additional pieces for consideration or edit your work and resubmit it after it is more developed.

We do not publish any piece that we have not accepted or redistribute any material submitted to us for consideration. Your submission will be kept strictly confidential and never used for any other purpose.

4. Are you hiring staff writers? Can I submit my resume?

We are not hiring staff writers at the moment. We are accepting submissions from freelance writers, and generally prefer to hire to or grant assignments to our established freelance writer pool.

Please do not submit your resume for staff positions.

5. Can I maintain my copyrights to work published by SINN & SKINN?

We generally will not accept works for publication in THE FORUM without full copyrights, including any rights to future distribution or reprints.

6. Do you accept reprints?

No, we do not accept work that has already been published. If you are a blog writer, and you have only posted your work on your page, we are willing to consider your submission, but if accepted, we would ask that you remove the piece from your blog.


For any service complications regarding your membership, please send an email including your full name, login ID, password and the nature of your complication or issue to

If your membership has been terminated due to violation of our USER AGREEMENT terms and policy, you may appeal your termination by sending an email with your name and login ID to

To cancel your membership, please send your name, login ID and password to Payments already made are non-refundable, and your membership will be terminated at the end of your payment period.


Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing and delivery of your merchandise, under our standard shipping rates. Express shipping is available. Rates are posted in the Store when you purchase your merchandise.

Should you encounter any problem with your merchandise order, please submit your complaints to immediately. Please include your name, address, telephone number and a brief description of the problem. Purchases are generally non-refundable; however, SINN & SKINN guarantees the delivery of your merchandise in satisfactory condition. You must report any concern with your order within seven (7) days of receipt of your order in order.

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