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Anni Ma is a topless protester, our favorite kind (a la Femen style). She was recently in Arizona at a Bernie Sanders rally to spread her anti-Trump message with her tits exposed, but nipples covered, for Bernie Sanders. But Bernie is a man of the sixties, so messages on bare tits isn’t new to him. He played it cool. Anni climbed on the shoulders of a man wearing nothing but some pasties, with one message on her back read that read “STOP FACISM” and another on her front that said, “HATE SPEECH IS NOT FREE SPEECH” above and below her Free The Nipple stickers. Anni went to the Bernie Sanders rally because she couldn’t get into the Trump rally after being delayed by traffic, though she tried. But she had a message for Trump on Instagram: “Protesting Donald Trump. The level of hatred here is unacceptable. #trumprally #dumptrump #stoptrump #free #freedom #freethenipple #american #america #fucktrump #woc #poc #hatespeechisnotfreespeech @californiaforbernie @feel.the.bern.usa @peopleforbernie @youthwithbernie”.

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She had a message for Bernie too: “Oh! Hello Sentor. Nice to meet you. I think you’re doing a fine job and I will be voting for you! May I purchase you some tea from in a nice family owned independent coffee shoppe, then perhaps we can consume that tea together?… Is what I would have said if I didn’t meet him this way! Haha #rockthevote #bernie2016 #feelthebern #berniesanders #freethenipple #votetogether #free #freedom #love #lovetrumpshate #itsonus #ImWithHer #feminism #feminist #california #arizona #phoenix #tea #asian #asianamerican #america #american #dumptrump #stoptrump #makeamericagreatagain #makeamericahateagain #boobsforbernie”.

At the top of her Instagram page, Anni fearlessly posts her mantra, “Free The Nipple -> Get Arrested -> Go to Court -> Fight the Bullshit -> Rinse, Wash, & Repeat”. What a girl.

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