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“I feel more comfortable doing nude shoots than clothed shoots, I think maybe I owned a nudist colony in my past life.”

Picture 64

Age: 31 Hometown: Grand Junction, Colorado Height: 5’2″ Weight: 105lbs Measurements: 34B-25-24 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue
Teri Thrillkill Links: Facebook Teri ThrillkillInstagram @terithrillkill

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Teri Thrillkill’s name is a bit of a misnomer. Far from killing any thrill, she’s more like a thrillstarter. You gotta love a girl with full body ink. Teri only recently started showing her body, she told SINN & SKINN, “I just recently started modeling in the last year, yes, I’m a late bloomer. I won a contest in Vegas last year and received a 1 year contract with Keith Selle. I have a lot of fun shooting with Keith Selle, hes very good at what he does and I’m not always the shortest in the room when we shoot.” Teri is a Jersey girl at heart, having been born in the Garden State, but now calls Colorado
Picture 67home, Grand Junction to be specific. So if you ever find yourself in town, Teri Thrillkill is the girl you want to find. She won’t be hard to find, she’s the girl rolling in the Harley, covered in ink. It’s her favorite past time. When we asked about her hobbies, Teri said, “I love riding my Harley any chance I get…I guess I like how it feels between my little legs lol. I’m also an avid tattoo collector. My hubby and I own Studio Rockstar in Colorado, and any chance I get I’m getting new ink….it may be a sickness at this point lol.”

Picture 65Picture 66

    As a model, Teri shoots mostly erotic, lingerie, pinup and swimwear. But she caught our attention because of some of great nude work. Teri’s not shy about her nudes, she said “I feel more comfortable doing nude shoots than clothed shoots, I think maybe I owned a nudist colony in my past life.” If you want to know more about Teri, she had this message for her fans, “I would like to welcome you to check out my fan pages on facebook and instagram, I’m working on my own porn site right now, look for that this summer to be active!” We’ll be on the look out.

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sBRIT1    Brittany Bochart is an alternative glamour model, who “was and raised in Orange County, New York.” With shaved sides, this 5’5″, 120lbs blonde model with tattoos has a definitely alternative look and feel about her. She carries her personal mantra across her chest, “Don’t forget to love yourself.” Though, it would be hard not to love Brittany, a self-described “Nudist. Freelance Model. Topless Dancer. Sex Shop Slave & Expert.” (Though, she’s not topless dancing anymore.) As usual, our curiosity turned to interest, which turned into an interview with Brittany.

    When SINN & SKINN talked with Brittany, she gave us a little background. After growing up in New York, “I moved out West two months ago to Las Vegas but most of my time has been spent in Arizona, where my twin sister lives.” While at first we thought we couldn’t be so lucky that Brittany had done nudes with her twin sister, but in fact, Brittany said “[t]here are nudes of my twin sister and I, just so you know.” So hot…. And beyond her twin sister nudes, Brittany has done some other interesting shoots. “My most interesting shoot was definitely in January this year with Lou Campos in Long Beach, California ( It was my first bondage shoot, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a few months now, and it was just so much fun being tied up and suspended by my wrists (you can tell I have a kinky side).” You can tell, we like kinky… In the not so kinky category, it has none of the bondage, asphyxiation, domination, spanking or discipline that both we and Brittany like so much, Brittany shared one of her recent shoots for Arsenic magazine. And while not kinky, it’s still sexy.

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photo 2

Brittany also shared who she looks up to in the biz, and not surprisingly, it’s another hot alternative glamour model. “The first model I’ve known in the industry and I’ve looked up to since is Alysha Nett. I was lucky enough to meet her while working the Agenda Show a couple weeks ago in Las Vegas and surprisingly, she knew who I was!!!!). Not only is she a sweet and talented woman, that ass of hers has me mesmerized.” To help you understand why Brittany is so mesmerized by Alysha’s ass, we felt it necessary to provide you a picture of it, so you may be equally mesmerized.


Before closing out our little chat with Brittany, we wanted to know what does a cute little alt blonde do in her spare time. Brittany told SINN & SKINN, “When I’m not modeling, I like to spend most of my time outdoors. Mother Nature is a beautiful thing and I enjoy exploring her and nature. I’m very adventurous and always down to climb a mountain or even a tree.” And with that said, we had only one more question, what will we see next. Brittany said, “upcoming projects… Actually filming two different roles this week for two movies coming out this year. There’s ‘The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper’ where I play a rookie officer and also, ‘Cyborg Nmesis: The Dark Rift’ in which I open up the movie for you all.” We’ll definitely keep an eye out. For more of Brittany, you can follow her on Twitter at: @brttnybchrt and on her Tumblr blog Brittany Marie Anne Bochart.

photo 1 photo 5

photo 4 photo 3


sRND5Amanda’s Stats:

Age: 30
Hometown: Tupelo, MS
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 110lbs
Measurements: 34DDD-26-29
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Hobbies: huntin, fishin, mudridin, bonfires, starin at the stars, ridin dirt roads, swimmin…..

Links: Redneck Barbie on Facebook

Amanda Conwill hails from Tupelo, Mississippi, and as she’ll tell you, “for those of u who DONT know, that would b Elvis Presley’s Birthplace -The KING of Rock n Roll.” And she is without a doubt a Southern country girl. In addition to modeling, Amanda (also known as Redneck Barbie) is an aspiring country rap artist, which she affectionately terms “Hick Hop” music. You can listen to her singles “Deer Swag” and “Redneck Barbie” on her Facebook page. We were enamored with Amanda mostly for her modeling, so we had to reach out to Amanda for a Beautiful Bodies preview. This beautifully bleached blonde has an exceptional portfolio that often highlights her 34DDD. Yes, you read that correctly, DDD. So we sat down to chat.

sRND1    We asked Amanda if she had an idol or role model model, and this country girl patterns herself after the Material Girl, Madonna. “Madonna expressed herself thru her pics, her music, her acting, everything she did and she did not care what people thought. I love that about her.” We were pleased to hear, because women who don’t give a damn what people think, do some incredible things. And we hope to see some incredible things from this Mississippi girl. So far, we feel like she’s off to a good start.

    In revealing a little more about herself, Amanda says on her Facebook page, “I was raised n a SMALL SMALL Backwoods town called MOOREVILLE, MS. All we had was a store and a caution light. NOW THATS Country…haha…But I wouldn’t take anything in the world for it !! My Momma is my heart and Soul, she is my BEST FRIEND and has supported me thru EVERYTHING n my life. I am a daddys girl , what can i say :) I also Love Love Love my daddy ! he is a great man…Im so thankful I have a 2 year old babygirl who is my WORLD !! SHE is the reason I wake up and strive to be the BEST at what I do !!” All grown up now, this daddy’s girl, glamour model and “Hick Hop” artist, said about her modeling “I love showing my personality and creativity.” And show it she has. You’ll often find Amanda in country-oriented themes, on a porch, tracktor, in a river with a tire in the background, or behind that all too country Confederate flag. You’ll also often find her nude. We can’t say we’re big confederate flag fans, but Amanda does look hot topless in front of it.


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When not modeling, nude or otherwise, Amanda said told SINN & SKINN “I love my music so traveling to ATL to record is a dream and my passion! When I’m home I love spending time outdoors with my little girl. I’m a country girl so I love to take her hunting, fishing, mudriding, etc.” The three essentials of any country living. If you’re looking for more from the Redneck
sRND6Barbie, she’s got “a few more singles awaiting release. I have a music video being edited and 3 more in the making and I also have tons of projects bu the rest are confidential. Sorry.”

    Well, to keep up with Amanda, you can follow her on Redneck Barbie on Facebook.


sLSV5 copy    A phrase from Matthew 6:13 (that’s in the Bible, if you didn’t know) is tattooed across Leysa Venson’s left shoulder blade, “Lead us not into temptation.” You have to appreciate the irony. While it is a personal message for Lesya, for all others it is a warning. Lesya is temptation all over. She recently posed for Zoo magazine as part of their Facebook Fitties. After seeing that feature, we were lead straight into temptation, and had to talk with Leysa some more. SINN & SKINN sat down with Lesya to delve our way deeper into this temptatious blonde Aussie.

sLV5Leysa was “born in a little town in Queensland (the beef capital of Australia haha!). Currently I’m living in Melbourne, Australia although I just returned from living in London.” The runway wasn’t much of an option for Lesya, she stands only 5’3″. But at 5’3″, 108lbs and a D cup, she makes the perfect glamour model. She been in Zoo, The Picture Magaine, and most recently Swarve magazine. Lesya is also “shooting for a few Australian and international magazines which will hopefully be published in the coming months, other than that I’m just going to keep on working hard to create sexy new photos!!” Who do we have to thank for introducing Lesya to the glamour industry? Isabele Deltore, who Lesya says is also a role model for her, “She’s a stunningly gorgeous model and the nicest person as well and she gave me the encouragement I needed to take that first step to start up my career,” Lesya said. Nice first step…

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sLV2 sLV6 sLV1

Although she already has done some very hot shoots, Leysa says “my most interesting shoot is still to come! This weekend I’m shooting a body-paint set which is going to be very interesting!! I’m being painted as the Invisible Woman from Fantastic Four. I’m betting I’ll be anything but invisible though once I’m naked and covered in blue paint!” We’ll definitely bring you the update. If you want to keep up with Lesya yourself, you can follow her on Facebook on her Lesya Venson Fan Page and on Twitter at @LesyaVenson

Apart from being a model, Lesya “used to play the drums but I had to sell my kit when I started moving around the world :( I’ve been playing since I was about 8 and love it. I also love playing sport – any sport! I recently tried my hand (or foot) at soccer and wasn’t half bad considering I was the only girl in the league!” Being a model, however, is her “motivation to keep fit. I can turn into a lazy person very easily when I lose my motivation to stay in shape, so constant modelling means constant fitness motivation!” Let’s pray she stays motivated to keep fit, and model more…. Amen.



20 years old
Huntington Beach, CA

    Meet Mia Bree Walters, a beautiful raven-haired model from California (they’re not all blonde out in the Sunshine State). She’s a self-described “happa, which means I am Japanese American, with an island twist, because I used to live in Maui.” And a great addition to SINN & SKINN’s Beautiful Bodies series.

It’s been a while since we brought you new models in this series, but with Mia, we are bringing you more Beautiful Bodies. We wanted to start with one of our favorites, models with ink. And Mia has a distinctive “Hello Kitty” stamped right above her vag. We liked her already. Ask Mia why she models and she’ll tell you, or at least she told us, “I love modeling because it is so fun and relaxed and I get to be me.” She’s done a range of work, but “the most interesting was probably the last one I did at a watermark out in the dessert. It was so fun to be out there at this run down place but get such beautiful images.” She has a few beautiful images in her portfolio that we admired, and wanted to share. Check out some of her portfolio below.



Mia is probably best described as a pinup model, if you’re into labels. She told SINN & SKINN that “I love a lot of vintage pinup models, and edgy models, especially because they are who they are and show case that and don’t back down.” So while she doesn’t have a specific style she aims to pattern herself after, she definitely does have an edgy pinup influence. When not in front of the camera, Mia said “I love to do my art work. I’m a professional graphic designer. I like to go for runs, paint, draw, surf, and spend most time at the beach, but Yoga and Pilates is a plus as well. I’m just finishing up my degree right now, and continuing to do modeling wok and runway.”

More to come….


Erna Gunnthorsdorttir’s star is on the rise. We last featured Erna in August 2002 as part of our “Beautiful Bodies” series. She was then and is still now a stunning blonde from Iceland, 28, 5’5″, 126, and a 36DD-24-35. She shared a few pictures with us then. Now she tells us she’s in Playboy Italy. Erna sent us this link to her Playboy Italy debut if you’d like to see more.

[Explicit Video: Amy Brooke, Busty Friend on Naughty America]



Sophie is a beautiful blond from Worcestershire, England. She is 24-years-old, 5’6″, 116lbs, and a 36E-27-31, some impressive stats. We caught up with Sophie to talk about her beautiful body and the reasons she loves to model, and she told SINN & SKINN “What I love most about modelling is exposing the body. I find it both sexy and sensual.” She talked about her favorite shoot with Fiendarella, where “I got to play dress up with his suitcase of naughty things.” She enjoyed it so much, Sophie wanted to send a shout out to her favorite photog, whose pictures you can find at He’s definitely worth taking a look.

Now back to Sophie, she is currently in school “to be a Personal Trainer/Nutritionist. Do a lot of research and training. This also keeps my body in good condition.” Very good condition. Sophie shared a few of her pictures, leaving us want to see more. Hopefully soon.


Charli Louise is an alternative model, with tattoos and piercings, long blonde hair and dark eyes. It is a look she likes, because, as she told SINN & SKINN, “I believe in trying to create something unique in whatever field you are in. I just do what I feel in my career and modelling which has generally turned out very well.” The 22-year-old blonde stands only 5’3″, 98lbs, and “love[s] that modelling gives me a much needed confidence boost, it makes me feel invincible which is amazing. It’s also a nice way to let myself go and vent my wild side as I’m usually stuck at work in corporate city of London.”

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For the tech geeks, she is “a massive gamer, mainly Xbox & PC. I grew up on PC games and am mainly into World of Warcraft and any kind of small indie horror games. You can catch me on Xbox live if I’m not at work.” Charli shared this sex series of pictures from her portfolio as part of our Beautiful Bodies.

Follow Charli on Twitter at @charlilouisee and on her new Facebook page.


Sweet Caroline Summers is a Baltimore native, born and raised. She is a 5’6″, 121lb, 34DD-27-35 model, who is a “Rock solid downtown bartender” by day. We caught up with her to talk about her career and where she’d like to go. She told SINN & SKINN “I love the creative outlet that modeling provides my life. It is amazing when there is a connection between photographer and model. Then at the right moment that connection is captured and both have created a piece of art in a way. Modeling is a passion and an outlet that I simply adore!”

Caroline also revealed to SINN & SKINN that the “[b]est part about modeling is getting nude, which I love to do in my spare time as well.” And she is “in the process of another photographer submitting images for Hustler. Keep your fingers crossed for me!” We’ll be sure to look out in Hustler. For now, you can see a few of Caroline’s pictures here. You can also follow her on Facebook or Twitter.


Veronica West is single. Although born in Florida, she is now a Richmond, Virgina girl. In talking about her modeling, she told SINN & SKINN ” love to feel sexy in front of the camera… I am not perfect and no one is but it is a good feeling to embrace everything about yourself I love to shoot nude because I feel like it is a great way to celebrate my body and sexuality.” And she has a body worth celebrating. She is a 21-year-old blonde, 5’6″, 135lbs and a curvy 36C-26-36. As a model, she admits “most of my modeling experience has revolved around nudity and solo ‘performances’… I am not looking to get into the porn industry but I do love nude, lingerie adult modeling.” Veronica shared some of her pictures with SINN & SKINN.

She is a webcam model now for myfreecams, but hopes to do more. “I just love to have fun and maybe even be a little naughtier than I should…”


Annie Fox is hot. She is a part-time alternative glamour model, based in London. Annie told SINN & SKINN that she “moved to London for university, and never looked back. Love this place!” But having a thing for nature and mountains, she’d rather be in Whistler, Canada. Being an alternative glamour model it is no surprise to find out that Annie “adore[s] Dita Von Teese, because she’s classy, sexy and different. She isnt ashamed to play by her own rules.” And Annie is cast from the same mold.

She is a 5’7″ brunette, but some of her sexiest pictures are of her as a redhead. She is a curvacious 147lbs, 32DD-29-32. Anne has appeared in Zoo and Playboy UK, among other magazine features to her credit. She has an erotic look, a body covered in tatts, “two half sleeves, a stomach/hip/thigh piece, ankles, back, neck and shoulders.” Also no surprise she loves “showing off my tattoos!” She shared a few pictures showing off her tattoos and her alt glam model appeal…

You can find Annie on Facebook at under Annie Foxx.


Jade Kathleen comes to SINN & SKINN from Brisbane, Australia. She is a 28-year-old bruentte, 5’4″, 115lbs, who describes herself as “CHEEKY, funny, CREATIVE, down to earth, CARING, intelligent, LOVING, spontaneous, OUTGOING, lady like, COURAGEOUS, ambitious with an unbridled passion for life.” For her first nude shoot, Brumby told SINN & SKINN “I stepped way out of comfort zone but realised I actually enjoyed it and it made me so much more confident.” We’re glad you did…

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If you ever find yourself in Australia, you might find Jade if you happen to like what she does “going out dancing with my friends, hang down the beach and go for a surf, watch movies, do some art and craft, go camping or read a good book.” We hope to see more of her in the future, as she continues to do more shoots and looks for more published work.


LadyM’s motto is she is “[n]ot just a piece of ass, but I can be :)” The 31-year-old MILF mistress is originally from Dublin, Ireland, but now lives in Dallas, Texas and the South is a few degrees hotter as a result. LadyM is a 5’8″ brunette, with FFs! And she is a slim 115lbs, and a 28-22-27. “I’m half Irish and half Latina. So I can drink you under the table and have a temper like no other,” she told SINN &

[Explicit Video: Asa Akira,Christy Mack, Still Haven’t… on Brazzers]

We weren’t surprised to find out that LadyM is an unabashedly self-described “attention whore. I love the feeling that people are going to look at and admire my photos.” A little bit kinky, and a little bit submissive, she is a webcam favorite. She let us know that “I love being told what to do, the more direction the better! You won’t find much I will say no too. I am a very agreeable person ;)” And she is eager to please, in her own words “Anything and everything! Dirty talk, multiple positions, toys, Cam-to-Cam, body oil, foot fetishes (I have long skinny toes), submission, dancing, strip teasing…whatever makes you happy!”

If you were looking to give here more attention, you can find her on Twitter at @sexyladym2012 and doing live video cam work at


Daisy Van Heyden is a beautiful 29 year-old professional model from Berlin, Germany. She is a busty 36E, brunette who stands 5’1″, 101lbs and a curvy 34-26-34. Daisy told SINN & that she “like[s] to be the center of attention.” And as a nude model, she’s had a few interesting projects. “My most interesting shoot would be my lactating shoot. It was different, fun and you can’t do this every day,” Daisy told us. Right now, she is “working on a complete redesign of my website. I will do my own picture series for that as well. Later on next year I might do some Kalender shootings…” A calendar of Daisy is definitely something to look out for, but until then her are a few picture from her portfolio.

[Explicit Video: Courtney Cummz, Busty Friend on Naughty America]

You can follow Daisy on Twitter at: @DaisyVanHeyden. And her current website is, where you can see more of portfolio.


Eileen Sue is a stunning 24-year-old from Prague, Czech Republic. At 5’7″, 110lbs, and at 35-24-35C she is quite a presence. She is a fresh new face is on the erotic model scene, and we hope to be able to show you more…

Recommended Link: Anastasia Harris


Olinda is a beautiful Swedish blonde, born in Stockholm, who now lives in between Los Angeles, Marbella, Spain and New York. She is 5’8″, 110lbs, “an artist, hippie, model, lover, fashion designer, adventurer and entrepreneur.” As for hobbies, with her time off, the stunning blonde bombshell said “I don’t have hobbies as I do what I love. I love painting, traveling, cooking, dancing, reading, yoga, movies and of course great tantra sex…” Alright, no hobbies, but tantra sex, we love that too, and who wouldn’t if they were doing it with Olinda! Day dreams aside, she is pretty serious about her photography and art. Olinda said “I love taking photos and expressing myself with my body. The body is so beautiful and magic, we should show it, use it, love it.” Definitely show us more…

Her “five statements to clarify how I do shit”:

I am not a virgin.
I dont mix business with pleasure.
I dont fuck around.
I dont share the spotlight.
I am fucking expensive.
I am hardcore.

Enough said. Olinda also gave us a preview of what is to come. She is about to release two photography books. The first, “I love erotic” has over 200 erotic fashion photos from all over the world, and the second, “Easy nude yoga”, has nude photos and text advice. Something to look forward to soon. She also told SINN & that “On the 6th of december I have my world premiere of my art collection ‘Hard Ass Candy’ during Art Basel in Miami.” So if you’re in Miami, this is probably on collection you shouldn’t miss…

You can check out Olinda on her official website or on Facebook.

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