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Hollywood actress Margot Robbie may have more mainstream fanfare around her portrayal of Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, but porn star Leya Falcon has been playing the role of Harley Quinn in adult cosplay for longer, and doing it much more provocatively. Looking side-by-side, you may have trouble picking out your favorite Harley Quinn cosplayer. But give us Leya Falcon any day, and twice on Sunday. For the hottest Harley Quinn cosplay, we suggest you check out Leya on Twitter at @LeyaFalcon and on her website at

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Margot Robbie

Leya Falcon

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by Jennifer

…how twisted are you? House of Taboo

He wasn’t supposed to visit until next weekend, but he texted me that he was coming over tonight, and that I should be ready for him. “I am coming tonight at 9PM. Be ready for me.” I was aroused the moment I read it. I hadn’t seen him in a week, not since our last session, and this impromtu surprise session would fill a void that I had been missing since seeing him last.

I had been such a good submissive whore for him all week, sucking random cocks for practice as he demanded, taking sexy pictures he wanted day and night and sending them to him at the times he directed me, to the minute. There are consequences if I’m a minute late with my pictures. I’ve learned from that mistake already. There are rewards for obedience. And I wanted him to reward me, to tell me that I had pleased him. I wondered if this surprise visit would be a reward for my week of work pleasing him. I hadn’t been perfect by any means. I had fucked one guy when I was only supposed to have just sucked his cock. I couldn’t resist. I had been late on one of my picture times. He doesn’t like to wait. He doesn’t like disobedience or failure to follow his directions. I have become a better listener since I’ve begun training with him. If I’m not sure what he wants, I ask, I do not hesitate. I have done all that he asked me this week.

He also told me what he wanted when he arrived. I had the drink and snack, dildo, vibrator, hand restraints, condoms, lube, spoon, wire clothes hangers, refrigerator magnet clips right where he asked for them. He is so specific. I find beauty in his precision, the way he articulates exactly what he wants, where he wants it, and how he wants it. So everything was ready for him, but I needed a quick shower and clothing change to be prepared. We already discussed that in our next session he would have me be a very cheap whore. I had to dress the part, wear nothing that was meaningful or too expensive. He was going to rip them to shreds anyway. I put on full stockings with rips already started, heels, and a cheap-looking nightie. I ratted my hair, teased it to look really messy, my eyes were very dark and my red lipstick was already smeared in the corner of my mouth, to look like a very cheap used whore tonight. It excited me. I was to totally submit to his direction, to give him my body as he saw fit.

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Now that I was ready, I kneeled and waited for his arrival. He instructed me to leave the doors unlocked so that he could walk in by himself. I waited on my knees in my bedroom facing the door with a thick anal plug up my butt, my hands together and a whip in between my fingers if he wanted to punish me. My heart was racing even though I was calm. I felt focused, right there in the moment, a mix of fear and excitement was running through me to the tip of my toes. What would happen tonight? How was he going to use me?

I heard the door open, and my heart beat harder, and I could feel it in my throat. Everything was just the way he wanted, I did exactly what he said, but I didn’t know how he would greet me…..[continued next Sunday.]


by Jennifer

…how twisted are you? House of Taboo

I responded to a Craigslist “no strings attached” ad seeking “One Dirty Girl To Use”. The ad said, “My dick and I need a good slut to please us, hopefully regularly. We’ll be rough and kinky… and you should be a great cokcsucker. A submissive mind and your pics get things started. The moaning will follow!” I liked his promise to be rough and kinky, straight up my alley I thought, as if it was just sitting there online waiting for me to log in and scroll down to see it, read it, and hook in. This was Monday night. My Dom told me to practice sucking cock for him, deep throating to be exact, just two days since he left me from our first session. He wanted me to be a good whore for him. Coming across this ad looking for a dirty girl fit perfectly; I had to reply. The pressure was on from my Dom to practice cock sucking, so I had to obey him and to tell him I had something set up. I replied to the ad that I was a submissive woman in training also seeking a cock to suck on the regular for practice. The guy replied with much interest. He said sucking dick and deep throating is good training and that he would enjoy putting me on my knees to serve him. That turned me on. I felt connected to his strong, dominant nature. He had a sense of entitlement, to take what was his, to make me kneel before him and serve him and his cock for pure pleasure. It got into my head and stayed. I was sold; I had to have this cock. I needed it. We made arrangements for Tuesday night. I quickly relayed the message to my Dom, so I would please him that I found a cock to suck.

Picture 120

Tuesday was an exciting day at work, because of my anticipation. Work dragged on, slowly, minute by minute. But my mind wildly flew for hours thinking about my planned evening’s activities. I was ordered to show up at his place at 8pm. I didn’t know his name. I didn’t care. After work, I rushed out and changed into my black mini skirt, white V-neck t-shirt with black bra and panties, black stockings and black heels. I put on dark eye makeup and full red lips. When I arrived at his home, he immediately asked me to undress all the way. I was still a little shy. I asked if I could leave anything on until I warmed up. He only allowed me to leave on my bra, panties and heels. I obeyed. I stood there half-naked, as he looked me up and down. When he finished, he turned up the corner of his mouth and grinned a wicked smile; I knew he liked what he saw. He came toward me and his hands became friendly touching all over my body. Then he raised his hands to my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees, ordering to me to start sucking his cock. I obeyed. I sucked his cock for a while, licking from base to tip and around his shaft. I tickled the bottom of his cock rolling my tongue as I sucked and relaxed my throat to pull him deep inside my mouth. I used my hands to stroke him and play with him while I sucked. It went on like this for almost half an hour. He said nothing to me. Right as he was about to cum, he pushed my head back with the palm of his hand. He wanted to fuck me. My Dom only allowed me to practice sucking cock, but I thought for a second and then submitted my whole body to him. He came quickly all over my face. He told me to go wash up, and that was all he said. I did. I got dressed and he agreed to allow me to meet him again.


I left, took a cab home, and showered. I sat down and wrote my Dom all about my recent training cock and called it a night. Two hours later, I received a text from my new training buddy; he said he was horny to get sucked off again. I wanted to be a good whore for him and my Dom, so I asked if he wanted me to return for a second round. He said yes. My Dom was pleased when I told him. He gave me permission and his blessing. So I re-dressed, and got in a cab. This time, he tied my hands behind my back with a sheet. He stood in front of me, and grabbed my hair and used my mouth and face the whole night. He never let go of his grip or his control over me. I had never gone back for seconds twice in the same night. I didn’t even know his name. But I was happy to serve.


by Jennifer

…how twisted are you? House of Taboo

A man I never met entered my home. I was to be his submissive whore as we agreed just through email and phone. I was nervous so I started laughing at his serious demeanor when he started telling me what to do. He wasn’t in my home but for a few minutes and he quickly put an end to my nervous giggles by pushing me up against the wall and putting his hand around my neck tightly to restrict my breathing. “This is not a game”, he said. He asked me to lead him to my bed so I could give him a full body massage. I obeyed.

After giving him the massage, he got up to go sit in a chair while I was left in the bedroom to wait to be called into the other room by him. I waited. He called for me, and I was told to crawl slowly on my hands and knees towards him so he could see my beautiful breasts hanging down from my bra and lingerie. I am a submissive whore. I follow directions or I get spanked, whipped by his belt, or slapped across the face. I experienced them all. Once I reached his lap it was understood I was to immediately start to suck his cock. That was all he was here for. I agreed to it. He was here to train me to take a cock all the way in the back of my throat. He was here to train me to be a good whore. I took that cock, not perfectly, but better than I ever had with anyone else.


As I sucked his cock, he helped me put it deep in my throat causing me to gag, and he also put his hands around my neck to reduce my ability to breathe when I wasn’t performing my job well. At one point, he tied his belt around my neck and I either blacked out or fainted because before I knew it I was dizzy and “came to” confused as to what had happened. He demanded I get right back to my job. At one point, he took a snack break and put his feet up on me like a footstool and sat his drink on me like I was his table. I have never been those things to someone before but I oddly enjoyed it, serving him in such a way.

Three hours passed of cock sucking and he used my mind and my mouth up as a fuck toy. As I licked his asshole, he rubbed his cock. When he was ready to shoot his load he told me to lean back, I did, and he came all over my once pretty face. All that was left now was mascara running down my face and one real tear. He picked up a spoon and cleaned up his cum off my face and fed it to me. It was such sweet cum. I had never been fed cum before with a spoon. I liked it! He told me to go clean up, I did.

He asked me if I wanted to do it again, to be trained to be his submissive whore. I said yes. He left while I sat on the floor facing away.

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