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Heresy may be a strong charge, even back in the day when people actually charged people with heresy. But when you dress up like a nun with upside down crosses covering your nipples (either the Cross of St. Peter or a satanical one in more modern times), it isn’t that far a stretch. Mocking church symbols got you burned on a stake in some times and places. But Christina didn’t appear to be mocking, more cosplaying, in a sexy nun habit and leather skirt, perfectly time for the Halloween season when going ultra slut is chic. So instead of heresy maybe, the more proper word from an older time, is probably harlot. But when you look as hot as Christina Milian when doing it, God forgives, as do his people. Christina got all kinky and erotic for her shoot with Galore magazine, cause Christina, God bless her, has few limits when it comes to public lechery. We love her for it.

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