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Cindy Starfall is a petite Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai porn star, who spent most of her life in Vietnam, wealthy but isolated. When she came to the United States at the age of 15, she went to Oregon and an all girls Catholic school. Now if you’re looking for a common denominator among porn stars, you’re not likely to find one, but Catholic school girls…well, stereotypes have to come from somewhere. It probably wasn’t Catholic school so much, as Cindy told SINN & SKINN “I’ve always had a strong sexual drive, but I couldn’t express it because of my sheltered life. Often, in my younger years I found myself masturbating under the bed or in the shower with the shower head on my clit. … My nanny always wondered why I was in the shower for such a long time, haha!” Although, an all girls Catholic school probably didn’t help much. Cindy said, “[o]f course the sheltered life and the Catholic school upbringing added to my sexual curiosity. I was dying to break the ‘No Boys’ rule in my family. I see it as a statement to them that I need to make my own decisions and do what makes me happy.”

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Cindy_Starfall_Black_1    There were probably just a few too many rules for Cindy. “I wanted to get away from the typical society rules. Society norms tell me ‘You shouldn’t do porn, porn is bad and degrading,’ and my family tells me ‘You shouldn’t have sex until marriage’ and ‘Stay away from boys.’ I’m tired of following all these norms. I just want to do what make ME happy and not worry about pleasing anyone else. Yes, sex is part of who I am but I’ve always loved the camera, the audience, and most importantly, beside making me happy, I want to make viewers happy as well. Imagine a man going through a bad marriage, has nothing exciting to come home to because his wife doesn’t want to have sex. I want to be that fantasy girl for men, the woman who is there to satisfy them whenever they need me to.”

    To explore the Catholic school girl stereotype a little further, we asked Cindy about her first sexual experience, and to not much surprise it was a Catholic school girl-on-girl romp in the lunchroom! She said, “[m]y first sexual experience was with a girl at my Catholic high school. We are probably the horniest girls compared to public school because we all came from very sheltered lives and the curiosity was overwhelming. I was invited down to the cafeteria after school by one of the girls. Without a doubt, I went down with her. Then all of sudden she pushed me against the wall and started kissing me, lifting up my uniform skirt. I was shocked and was resisting at first then I started to like the intensity and the feeling that we might get caught by the nuns. I kissed her back and she laid me down on the lunch table. Before I knew it, she was fingering me, licking my pussy and I came so hard in her mouth.”

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Now Cindy is all grown up and making a name for herself in porn. The official line is “A year ago, the Asian sensation decided to make a career out of her sexual liberation by joining the adult industry. Since then the gorgeous exotic star has worked with XXX production companies such as Hustler, Wicked, Penthouse, Evil Angel, Digital Playground, Adam & Eve and many more.” We wanted to go a little deeper than the public relations summary. Cindy strives to differentiate herself from “all the pretty girls out there,” and told SINN & SKINN, “I differentiate myself from the rest because I’m funny, intelligent, exotic, energetic, and personable. I want to show the world that not every porn star is the same, not every single one of us is messed up, a drug addict, or a drunk! There are women out there who enjoy making great porn, but off camera are normal chicks that you can have an intelligent conversation with, women who are not just attractive, but funny and can make you laugh and simply show you a great time if you spend time with her. There are many other pretty Asian competitors out there, but being true to myself is what consistently keeping my fans loyal.”

Cindy Starfall has a strong command over her brand, and where she wants to go in porn. She’s had a number of scenes, but exercises firm control over her content. As far as more hardcore content, Cindy said, “I haven’t done anal nor bukakke nor heavy bondage. Eventually, I will try it when I’m ready. I feel that it is really important for me to be the one calling the shots in this industry rather than listening to other people telling me to do certain things. I usually tell people that I will do anal whenever I’m ready. Being in the industry for only one year, I still have more time to go to make the most out of everything. After all, I don’t want to overexpose and for people to get tired of me. It’s just human nature!” And if she were directing her own content (with full control), Cindy described to us her ideal fantasy porn scene: “I have always had a fetish for military men. My fantasy porn scene would be a gangbang with men from all military divisions such as navy, army, marines. They all wear their uniforms and take advantage of Asian girls begging for some American cocks.” More uniforms…hmmmm, that Catholic school influence is perhaps still lingering there somewhere.

Cindy_Starfall_Black_2    At this point, we realized something that should have hit us much earlier, but we were distracted by all the Catholic school girl imagery. It’s pretty fun to be inside Cindy’s head, so we had to get more of Cindy’s porn perspective. What kind of porn does she watch? “I watch all kinds of porn. I like taboo scenarios such as mom and step-daughter, or stepdad, boss, teacher, etc because it’s something you’re not suppose to do in real life, I want to do it more.” And, who would she most want to have sex with? “My celebrity crush changes everyday, haha. Some of them include Vin Diesel, John Cena, Arnold Schwarzenegger, but as of right now, I want to have sex with Robin Thicke. I’m not sure if it’s something else or his last name ‘Thicke’ that interested me the most. It spiked my curiosity to see for myself.” Robin, you’ve been called out. But of all those porn stars she’s worked with, we wanted to know who is the best kisser. Cindy easily said, “I love having sex with a real lesbian like Mercedes Lynn. She just genuinely love girls so her kisses were gentle but the way she handled me was aggressive. I love that combination!” And we love a little Cindy and Mercedes combination too….she had a threesome with Mercedes and Layla Sin.

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You might think Cindy’s sex drive is more of a porn star persona, but even in her personal life, she is very sexual. Cindy’s a swinger. “I love swinging! I’m still an active swinger when I find the right partners of course. In swinging partners, I look for maturity, not too aggressive, fun, outgoing, laid back and of course, understand that it is a no string attached relationship. My most interesting experience was when I went to a theme park with swinger couples. I would get fingered from behind when we were in line or on the Ferris wheel.” Look out at your local swing club, you might catch Cindy, she’s the Asian spinner having all the fun.

To close out this interview, we were sexually exhausted after this one, Cindy had a message still for her fans. “I want to thanks all my fans for their support because without them, I’m nothing!” And you can check her out on Twitter at @CindyStarfall and on her Facebook page, as well as her website, though she says “As of right now, is an online store only, but I plan to launch a membership site as well. I don’t work with any webmaster, I manage everything on my own so it will be coming soon.”



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