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Super busty model and actress (a word we use lightly) Emily Ratajkowski, 25, has been hacked again, according to reports. Apparently, someone hacked her iCloud, and stole some 200 intimate images, which we are interpreting as nude. Someone sent a link of the nearly 200 images to Wayne Rooney prostitute Helen Wood, so she would publish them as part of her column for the Daily Star. She refused. Instead, she wrote, “Last week, I was pondering along through life, when I received a DM on Twitter. No idea who this guy was, but had a peek all the same out of curiosity. Turns out, it was a link to Emily Ratajkowski’s iCloud pictures. This clown had inboxed me and asked that I release the full set of naked images in my column. To be clear, this wasn’t footage of a randy star salivating at the mouth wanging their bits about while fishing for a random on Skype for a sex sesh. This was private stuff, sent between two people.” That was all we got from Helen.

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A representative for Emily told MailOnline that the images were merely a redump of the images leaked a few years ago, as part of The Fappening. That remains to be seen, as the images remain to be seen. The hapless hacker has not sought another outlet for the pictures, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see them soon. Emily isn’t talking about them, it appears displaying the same attitude she had the first time around. “A lot of people who were victims of that said anyone who looks at these pictures should feel guilty, but I just don’t think that’s fair,” she told GQ magazine when she was first hacked. “I think once it’s out there, it’s out there, and I’m not sure that anyone who Googles it is necessarily a criminal. I think the people that stole the photos are.” So at this point, it’s just a waiting game.

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