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Photograph from Camila & Louise series by Gianluca Santoro in “Noir” for Fashion Gone Rogue


Esquire magazine has named Mila Kunis the Sexiest Woman Alive 2012. And according to Esquire, “as she might say (and did), ‘If I wanted to charm the pants off you, I could.’ She talks like that and she looks like that, even when she’s really not trying hard at all.” To read the full interview, click here. To see the pictures and video, just keep looking….

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You probably spend most of your time looking at certain parts of your favorite porn stars, and know them well. But how well? Can you guess who these famous breasts belong to?


So Heather — now Internet famous for being the mistress in the Hulk Hogan sex tape — yes, mid-blow job Hulk Hogan stops to take a phone call. We agree, that is embarrassing. And, yes, after having sex with you, all Hulk Hogan can think about is how much of a pig he is for eating too much. We agree, that is embarrassing too. But there were a few highlights to your credit, like when the Hulk said “I feel like I just got off a fucking roller coaster. I’m out of breath.” That was your roller coaster. And he said “You’re awesome.” Quite an endorsement from the Hulk. So what’s all this talk about being embarrassed?

Reports are that a friend is telling media outlets: “Heather is completely devastated the sex tape has appeared in public and doesn’t want to talk about it.” What! It is time to channel your inner-Kardashian and think about the next 15 minutes, before this 15 are up. “She thinks it puts her in a bad light – it’s not as if Hulk’s a hunk and it’s a pretty embarrassing moment.” What? Name us a celebrity sex tape with a hunk that any faux sex tape celebrity is proud of. “What’s worse is Hulk’s interruptions – stopping Heather when she’s performing a sex act to check his cell phone and then admitting he felt like a pig because he ate too much right before after they finished up. … the video makes her look like a peace of meat. So, yes, as we said before, that was bad… But the click is ticking, you’re at 8 more minute of fame and counting. “Heather didn’t want her friends and family knowing that she had sex with Hulk Hogan – he’s very corny. Really, because we heard you say “You’re a hot commodity.” And so what? That ship has sailed. Your ass is all over the Internet. “It was a private moment, and wasn’t meant to be shared with anyone else.” Not anymore.

Right now, the Internet is flooded with searches for Heather Clem. And, from the pictures we found (below), guys will definitely be clamoring to see more. Heather, it is time to ride that wave to a reality television show, a clothing line and a better looking guy. Eight minutes and counting…

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Patrick Demarchelier and Victor Demarchelier are a father/son duo of photographers, who recently shot a series of models in black and white, which they were generous enough to share with the rest of the world. The models are all European, Constance Jablonski, Frida Gustavsson, Sigrid Agren, Toni Garrn, Liu Wen and Monika “Jac” Jagaciak, whom they deemed to be “the sexiest and most beautiful girls around.” Here are a few of them:



Courtney Bingham, probably best known for dating much older Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, was out on her own, putting on a show. She was spotted topless sunbathing in Venice, California.

SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS PORN: COME4.ORG is “porn with heart.” The concept of is, according to its founders, to create “an ethically inspired, internet site with sexually explicit materials whose primary aim is to generate money to fund causes.” At the moment, it is still a would-be free, nonprofit, crowd-sourced porn site trying to get off the ground with the help of Co-founders Marco Annoni and Riccardo Zilli explain that “We are aware that around the world, many people suffer because they lack the resources necessary for food, water, medicine, and housing. At the same time, we have noted the exponential growth of online pornography.” “Hence, we devised Come4, our way to rethink pornography with ethics and to launch a new sexual revolution in the Internet era.”

It is a simple idea: link porn with charitable contributions. People can upload, share, and watch sexually explicit content for free. What makes different is that users must link any content that they upload with a certain cause from a selection available on the site. Annoni and Zilli say that users would set up an account and could then watch and/or post videos, each of which would be associated with a social cause chosen by the uploader from a selection on the site. Money would come from porn companies, who could upload sponsored videos, buy ad space at the end of other videos, or traditional banner ads and other promotion. All the proceeds would go to the designated cause.

As for future causes, Annoni and Zilli said in their FAQ: “Our current idea…is that ideally Come4 ought to integrate or mix three diverse stances when it comes to the selection of the fundable causes: (a) culturally provocative initiatives that raise public awareness about people’s sexual rights (and their violations), like the ones promoted by the Asta Philpot Foundation; (b) highly cost-effective initiatives selected according to the best standard of evidence, like supporting the “Against Malaria Foundation,” as suggested by independent, third-party organizations like GiveWell ; (c) causes that people belonging to the Come4 community think are valuable and thus deserve our support and fundings.”

Annoni and Zilli hope to “revolutionise on-line pornography with ethics.” Good luck…




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Have you ever met a girl tight enough to uncork a champagne bottle? Not likely. But check out this video: Champagne Uncork Video.


Women are now trimming more than merely their pubic hair. Genital plastic surgery — and in particular labiplasty — is one of the fastest-growing areas in cosmetic surgery, and one of the most popular procedures requested by young women. A labiaplasty — or labial rejuvenation — is a procedure that trims the inner labia, or labia minora, to make them look more “tucked in”. It is a 90 minute procedure and you can walk out of the surgery, returning to for sex, in about four to six weeks.

According to Dr. Laith Bernouti, a plastic surgeon in Sydney, Austrialia, “There has been a huge surge in the past five years of people looking to get genital surgery, and the vast majority of these are getting a labiaplasty, vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening) or liposuction in the pelvic area or labia.” Barnouti said that some 20% of his clients are coming in for genital surgery. The youngest to date was 14, the oldest in her mid-60s. Some are beginning to debate what is causing the increase in this new trend. There are a few reasons, says Barnouti, including feeling “socially embarrassed … people can’t wear certain types of bathers, people feel embarrassed in intimate situations”. He also believes “Labiaplasty and vaginoplasty are often performed due to a medical condition – people actually have it for a functional reason,” Barnouti says. “Labial hypertrophy – enlargement or sagging of the labia – can be unhealthy and unhygienic.” Vaginoplasty, which is usually performed on women who have a weakened perineum after giving birth, is a “restorative, reconstructive procedure”, says Barnouti. “This is something completely different from, say, liposuction, which is a purely cosmetic procedure.”

Not everyone agrees. Melinda Tankard Reist, a media commentator and author of Big Porn Inc and Getting Real – Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls, believes porn is to blame. “Girls are made to feel inadequate and think that there’s something wrong with their perfectly natural, healthy bodies. And boys are expecting girls to provide the porn star experience.” Either way, the trend is growing, and this is probably not the last word on the topic…



Vivid Entertainment is teaming up with sex guru Tristan Taormino, releasing Taormino’s “Expert Guide to Female Ejaculation” online at starting Tuesday and in stores nationwide on Oct. 16. “There was such a fantastic response to my book The Secrets of Great G-Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation that I wanted to make a movie that would give couples explicit examples of techniques,” said Taormino. Taormino is a columnist and author of best-sellers on sex, editor, educator/lecturer and adult film director, and teaches workshops at colleges and universities across the country. “People still have a lot of questions about female ejaculation, and this movie will help them better understand it and learn how to do it,” she noted. explains that “Renowned sex expert Tristan Taormino dispels myths and shares important information about the wonders of female ejaculation. From anatomy and preparation to external stimulation and penetration techniques, she’ll show you the ins and outs of this unique form of female pleasure.” The video features four couples who share their advice and demonstrate techniques, positions, and tricks to help you embrace and master female ejaculation. The movie covers:

– how to find and stimulate the G-spot,
– the best toys from stainless steel dildos to silicone vibrators,
– positions for easier female ejaculation,
– how to make yourself or someone else ejaculate, and
– how to have a squirting orgasm.

“I can’t wait to get feedback from viewers of this movie,” Taormino said. “I feel positive that it can be a life-changing experience for the better.”

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