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Recently posted a 25 Most Unusual Places to Have Sex list. But in reading the list, it didn’t appear unusual at all, actually more like a challenge. For those adventurist sex enthusiasts, here is the list, but as a bucket list, the 25 Places You Should Have Sex:

25. Parking Lot
24. Fitting Room
23. Public Restroom
22. Hospital
21. Boat
20. In Front of Large Window
19. Work
18. Movie Theatre
17. Wedding
16. Balcony
15. Under the Bed???
14. Church
13. Rooftop
12. Stairwell
11. Golf Course
10. In the Snow
9. Under Waterfall
8. Clock Tower
7. Cemetery
6. In a Car with Passengers
5. Press Box at NFL Game
4. Major League Baseball Game
3. On a Motorcycle
2. While Driving
1. In the Colosseum


Ukrainian Valeria Lukyanova is a real life human Barbie doll. The 21 year-old platinum blonde stands only 5’7″, but her proportions are very close to the 39-18-33 and 6 foot stature that a real Barbie would be — with a teeny waist, disproportionately large breasts and wide, icy-blue eyes (those are contacts though). Because of her lifeless dull stare that makes her a dead ringer for Barbie, in pictures that almost seem unreal, she has become an Internet sensation. It’s almost creepy. But we’ll let you decide whether after extensive plastic surgery, Valerie is hot or just fucking weird….

You can look through her over 11,000 photos here.


Keeping in the Cosplay theme of the day, we couldn’t help but wonder, who was the hottest Wonder Woman? Lynda Carter was certainly iconic.

But she’s had some recent competition, from Adianne Palicki, who was cast in the remake of the television series (that was never picked up by any network), an Internet campaign for Megan Fox to fill the role Palicki scored, and even Kim Kardashian out on the town for Halloween. Head-to-head, Lynda Carter or Megan Fox? Who’s your favorite?

In our opinion, you can’t beat an original…


Amanda Logue, known in the adult industry as “Sunny Dae,” pleaded guilty to second degree murder as part of a deal, for the murder of Dennis “Scooter” Abrahamsen in 2010, with her boyfriend Jason Andrews, who was also a male porn actor. Her plea brought to an end a gruesome murder drama, with Andrews having pled guilty to first degree murder in January.

Back in May 2010, Abrahamsen was found dead on a massage table in his house in New Port Richey, Florida. He had been stabbed and bludgeoned after hosting a sex party at his house the night before, authorities said. Police believed he was killed by Logue, then a 28-year-old porn actress hired as a prostitute for the party, and her boyfriend Andrews, a DJ and porn actor. Authorities said that while Logue was “servicing” Abrahamsen, Andrews waited outside for word to strike. They exchanged texts:

“I’m so glad you’re really commited [sic] to this take. Keep eyes for a knife, etc for me!” Andrews wrote to Logue. Logue wrote that she wanted to have sex with Andrews “after we kill” Abrahamsen. “Just get him on his face either bash or tell me to get in and where to go,” Andrews wrote.


In the face of a growing societal infatuation, even among women, for larger breasts, science is advocating the benefits of smaller breasts:

More Stimulation. “Larger breasts have more fatty tissue than glandular tissue, which is the most sensitive part,” says sexologist Rachael Ross, MD, PhD. “With smaller breasts, the glands are easier to stimulate during foreplay because they’re not underneath a fatty layer.”

Healthier body. “In self-exams, it’s easier to detect a lump in the back of smaller breasts, since there are fewer layers to feel through,” says oncologist Marisa Weiss, president and founder of And, “[Larger breasts] alters a woman’s posture so her neck is strained and she’s more likely to have headaches,” says Dr. Weiss.

Younger appearance. “Larger breasts sag over time, so it was an indicator that a woman was older,” says Satoshi Kanazawa, PhD, an evolutionary psychologist. “It’s more difficult to assess a woman’s age if she has smaller breasts.”

Perhaps, but do they look as good? We think not…


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