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Who said actuaries and insurance salesmen are no fun? German newspaper Handelsblatt reported last week on the insurance company Ero, who paid for a number of wild sex parties to reward its salesman and officers. Among other things, Ergo paid for employees to visit a swingers hotel, as well as a brothel. It it an impressive list of expenses. In 2007, Ergo paid for a sex trip to Budapest, for which the company hired 20 prostitutes. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 branches of the Ergo subsidiary insurer Hamburg-Mannheimer went on expense-paid trips to the sex swingers club Hedonism II in Jamaica. The full costs came to more than €75,000 (about $95,000), according to internal reports. The €2,428 (about $3,000) brothel visit in Majorca 2005, was reimbursed as the cost of “food and drink.”

Last year, Ergo made headlines because its subsidiary Hamburg-Mannheimer had a prostitute sex party for its sales representatives in the historic Gellert health spa in Budapest, Hungary. The details of the 3-day weekend were widely published in Germany. One participant reported that four-poster beds were set up on either sides of the thermal baths. “Anyone could go to one of the beds with one of the ladies and do what he wanted. The ladies were marked with stamps on their forearms after each such meeting. So it was recorded how often each lady frequented.” “The ladies wore red and yellow wrist bands. One group were there as hostesses, and the others were to fulfill any and every desire,” he added. “There were also ladies with white wrist bands. They were reserved for the board and the very best salesmen.” Only in Europe….

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Abigail Mac is a 24 year-old model from Portland, Oregon, who stands 5’2″, 100lbs and is a 34D-24-33. She is “laid back but confident,” with every reason to be confident. As to her beautiful body, she is still working, telling SINN & that “I am training really hard to get in the best shape ever! Nice and tight baby!” Nice and tight baby….nice. When not in front of the camera, Abigail loves “traveling, hiking, backpacking, camping, cooking, dancing, exercising, learning, and sunshine lol.” She does not “like negative people, feelings, or actions, stinky things, and spiders.” Hopefully, we will see more of Abigail in the future as she continues working “to get more published work and continue my modeling career!”

You can (and should) follow Abigail on Twitter and like her on Facebook.

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Can you guess the oral sex position?

UPDATE: Licking the Flagpole


Can you guess the song lyric?

UPDATE: My neck, my back, lick my pussy and my crack.


Like every major social media site — Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr — newcomer Instagram, a photo-sharing application, recently purchased by Facebook for $1 billion, is facing the problem of how to deal with porn. In the past year alone, Instagram has grown from 10 million users to 60 million. In spite of the fact that explicit images violate Instagram’s terms of services, which prohibit “nude, partially nude, or sexually suggestive photos,” users are posting very explicit material.

Images tagged with terms such as “sextagram,” “instaporn,” and “handbra” return tens of thousands of images of genitalia and nude — or nearly nude — men and women posing provocatively in beds, in bathrooms, or with a partner. And there is more. More graphic photos show people masturbating in front of the camera. There are 135,000 photos tagged “latte” and 201,000 tagged “Instasex.” The hashtag “wet” has nearly twice as many. Instagram is also becoming a sex hook-up site. Through photos, comments and hashtags, many Instagram members are inviting other users to join them for “KikSex” on the messaging app Kik, where individuals can chat privately or exchange nude photos. “Woke up horny as hell!!!!! Girls who wanna play post a comment and I’ll kik you,” wrote one Instagram user in a post that included the tags “instaboner,” “instacock,” “instahorny,” “instapissy,” and “fuckme.” “Don’t be shy. We can trade pics and have some naughty talk. Hit me up hotties.” That post received 17 “likes.”

While Instagram is working to curb porn on its site, if Facebook is any example, that may be an extremely difficult task to regulate entirely, especially for Instagram, which only has 15 full-time employees and over five million photos uploaded every day. According to Instamgram, “We rely heavily on users to flag inappropriate content and we do our best to remove any media that we determine to be inappropriate.” that simply may not be realistic.

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FriendFinder Networks Inc., owns and Penthouse magazine, among other affiliated sites, many of which were recently shut down. That is because FriendFinder has $511 million of debt, and was given three months by its bondholders to turn around the business, one that has never reported a profit. Some $280.5 million of second-lien notes plunged 26% this month to $0.13 on the dollar. The debt holders have given FriendFinder until November 14, 2012, to raise cash, Chief Financial Officer Ezra Shashoua said. But investors don’t think that is likely. Standard & Poor’s analyst Daniel Haines said it “could prove difficult” to refinance the debt.

Chief Executive Officer Anthony Previte is trying to cut costs and sell more subscriptions to people looking to meet for sex. But With just $12.8 million of cash as of June 30 and no profit since at least 2006, the company is struggling to generate enough money to pay off its obligations when they come due and to bring earnings in line with terms laid out in its debt agreement.

The largest bondholder is one the founders of the company, Andrew Conru, but when asked whether he would consider converting some of his second-lien notes, even Conru said he is “currently investigating all options” and “[e]verything depends on the terms.” Time will tell what will happen to two powerhouse brands in adult entertainment. Neither is likely to disappear completely, but certainly there may be dramatic changes in how they operate going forward.

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We recently spent some time with Siren Thorn, an up and coming Asian glamour/fetish model and clip producer. Siren is a 24 year-old based out of Ontario, Canada, who describes herself as “a wicked, slutty, sadistic, kinky vixen who is your girl next door in my day-to-day life.” And she packs all that into a 5’3″, 117lb and 35D-25-35 frame. Not bad… Her fetish of choice? Well, Siren says “I love exploring many different fetishes and I’m always learning about hot new ones, but my specialty would be femdom (bdsm/cbt instruction, where I tell my viewer/slave how I want him to torture himself and cum for me), giantess/growth fetish (a fantasy where I ‘grow’ and become so much taller and more powerful), and transformation fetish (e.g., I become a ‘sex robot’ and I lose control of my body).” In sum, “I’m just a horny, kinky girl! I love having sex in naughty places with the thrill of getting caught!”

But in a world increasingly filling with fetish performers, what makes Siren different? She told SINN & SKINN that she is “a very openminded woman, and as my friends always say, I’m able to eroticize and be turned on by almost anything! I always joke that there is extra blood pumping to my private parts! I also find sex and kink really fascinating, and am able to ‘get into’ almost any role and act the part convincingly.” You had us at extra blood pumping in your private parts!

Siren is also an enterprising young producer. She recently created her new production company, Bonobo Studios, and began producing content with new models while at FetishCon this year. She says, “I’ve worked with some gorgeous, talented models. Stay tuned for them in my clipstores, there will be some hot clips of sexy women transforming, being nasty femdoms, flexing their muscles and making you worship them, and shrinking you and dominating you!”

You can click here to view her clipstore. You can also follow her on Twitter.



OPINION: IN DEFENSE OF NY STATE SENATOR DAVID STOROBIN delivered a not-too-friendly critique of New York Republican State Senator David Storobin and his willingness to allow community postings on his Facebook page, in an article entitled Sen. Storobin’s Facebook page a storage bin for porn. The problem, as writer Gustav Wynn saw it, was that a New York based Russian promoter posted a “racy ‘Boat Party’ poster featuring an oiled up hottie in a string bikini, showing offer her assets,” on his page. And further that “anyone actually clicking the ‘Party Boat’ link, will see a wholly different kind of party, a slideshow including promotions for ‘Kinky Saturdays’, showing women in various stages of undress, crawling on the floor, engaging in footlicking and girl-on-girl contact, flaunting their ‘ample’ bare bottoms. The ‘piece’ de resistance is a black and white ‘art’ photo of a completely nude woman on a deck chair, legs spread apart, with only the photographer’s shadow obscuring what Larry Flynt would call the classic ‘split beaver’ shot.” And for the most part there was some truth to the story. Here are a few of the racy posters:

But we looked for the split beaver shot, and couldn’t find it, either on NYClubbers’ EventBrite, Facebook, or VK page. (We probably didn’t spend as much time looking.) Yes, we did find the Kinky Saturdays posters, among other racy pictures. But we also found a number of event and party pictures, of thousands of young voters enjoying themselves. Most dressed as any normal club-goer in New York would be, 98% of it pretty tame. Now, none of this was on Senator Storobin’s page, mind you. But within hours of the story, he cleaned-up his Facebook page, and shut down the open community postings. OK, so this one didn’t help the cause, in NYClubber’s “From russian with love” folder:

Nonetheless, the assault on Senator Storobin is problematic because it makes politicians fear their own constituency. The easiest way to alienate young voters is to isolate them from the very elected officials who must help bring them into the political conversation. Yes, young club-goes are going to post racy pictures. Yes, they drink, probably too much. But they are also the very people who need to be apart of the political process, if there is to be a functional future one. If politicians are afraid to reach out to those voters, afraid to be associated with them because of their sometimes “racy” lifestyle, then how can we ever expect the next generation to be part of solving future problems. They will at some point stop clubbing. And then what?

It is probably not the defense that Senator Storobin wants, but we commend him for taking a risk and reaching out to the younger generation, even if it’s messy at times. We are sad he did not defend himself, but caved quickly. And we think was just playing dirty pool. But since we all play it too — who can resist a sex scandal — we won’t scream too loud, except to say, you’re from Brooklyn, get a backbone Senator Storobin.

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Everyone receives a few extra rights and privileges when they turn 18; Courtney Stodden received offers to finally do porn. For those who don’t know, Courtney is another famous-for-being-famous celebrity who married actor Doug Hutchinson when she was 16 — and he was 50. Since then she has produced a number of racy underage photos and videos that have attracted attention, so perhaps porn is a natural extension. At least 4 porn production companies thought so and made her offers.

According to TMZ, says it wants to “showcase [her] talents” by featuring her in a scene with male porn star Keiran Lee, who Brazzers describes as the man with the “million dollar penis.” And says it already penned a porno movie specifically for Courtney based on her real life experience. The film is called, “Happily Humping My Hubby.”

While we’d be suprised to see Courtney accept any of the others, she has surprised us all before… UPDATE: Recently, she said “‘I’m not going to say yes right now, and I’m not going to say no.”

This YouTube video, posted on May 28, 2012, and entitled “Wanna See Me Take It All Off?” may just be seduction, seems now more like foreshadowing, it ends “Stay tuned …”

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Las Vegas is hosting the 20th Annual Gentleman’s Club Owners Expo. At the Crazy Horse III, “The Porn Star Takeover” party was hosted by porn stars Kirsten Price, Alektra Blue, Nicki Hunter and Candy Manson on Monday. They signed autographs, posed for photos and even appeared on the stage for an unbelievable striptease. Now that is a foursome!


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