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The 2012 Republican Party platform, which is set for adoption at this week’s convention in Tampa, Florida, seeks to label the distribution of “hardcore pornography” over the Internet, in hotel rooms, on cable television and in retail shops, illegal. This represents the strongest position yet from the Republican party in its missives against pornography. The new language replaces previous platform statements, which only opposed child pornography. It will now read, “Current laws on all forms of pornography and obscenity need to be vigorously enforced.”

“Current laws on all forms of pornography and obscenity need to be vigorously enforced,” said Patrick A. Trueman, president of the anti-porn group Morality in Media, in a recent press release. In an interview with The Huffington Post, Trueman said youth access to pornography amounted to “a major, major problem,” and even caused males in their twenties to develop “porn-induced sexual dysfunction.” “It’s the Viagra problem for guys in their 20s,” said Trueman. Young males are now spending “10 to 12 years looking at porn on the Internet and masturbating to it, so when they are getting married, they are dysfunctional sexually because their brain maps are changed. They enjoy what they’ve been doing for 10 to 12 years. Normal sex is not something that gets them excited.”

Increasingly, the Republican party, led by the Family Research Council and Morality in Media, have made statements about the need for more censorship and prosecution of pornography. What remains to be seen is what the Republican party, and any incoming Republican administration, considers obscene “hardcore pornography.” And the more interesting question will be the zeal with which Republicans are willing to go after porn sharing blog posters (one of the major sources of porn online), since the websites themselves are protected from liability by The Communications Decency Act of 1996, for content posted by users. Chasing down ISP addresses and then going after individual posters is cumbersome to the point of being useless. This new War on Porn may be only slightly more effective than the Republican led War on Drugs.

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Some recent celebrity arrests in 2012, most notably Jenna Jameson and Amanda Bynes, have made this question worth asking again. No one looks good in a mugshot, that really isn’t the point, and it’s usually at a time when things aren’t going right in the first place. But if you can pull off a hot mugshot, you are definitely an A-lister. So, who do you think has the hottest female celebrity mugshot? Here’s the list:

1. Paris Hilton (2007, Probation Violation). 2. Heather Locklear (2008, DUI). 3. Jenna Jameson (2012, DUI)

4. Lindsay Lohan (2010, Jail Sentence). 5. Amanda Bynes (2012, DUI). 6. Carmen Electra (1999, Battery)

7. Maribel Delgado (2010, DUI). 8. Michelle Rodriguez (2005 DUI). 9. Khloe Kardashian (2007, DUI)





Cindy Gallop, an older woman who prefers to date younger men, does not like “encountering certain sexual-behavioral memes,” or at least the presumption that they are hardline sexual norms. She dislikes (1) a social standard that all vaginas must be shaved; (2) an inexplicable focus on anal sex; and (2) the attitude that the height of sexual climax is a male ejaculating on a woman’s face. In a 2009 TED talk, Gallop told the crowd that she must routinely correct her young male partners: “Actually, no, thank you very much, I would much rather you did not come on my face.” She believes too many social sexual norms have been hijacked by mainstream pornography. Probably true (though interestingly enough she is probably a beneficiary of at least one norm made popular by porn, the MILF).

To combat the porn standard, in 2009, Gallop created a real-talk sex-ed website called “Make Love Not Porn,” to dispel some of the “myths” created by porn. But recently, she realized that was not enough, and so she launched a beta version of a crowdsourced online website wherein amateurs and porn stars are invited to tape themselves engaging in “real world sex.” If Make Love Not Porn’s likes what they see, the video will be offered for sale for $5 on the site. When viewers download a video, profits are split 50/50 between the site and the sex partners.

The idea is not original, others have tried a crowdsourced porn model. But Gallop’s submission guidelines will be different, asking amateurs to focus on specific camera angles, engage in specific sexual dynamics, and even play up the idea that it’s the girl’s “first time” (even if not). Gallop encourages submitters to film sex as close as possible to how they actually have it when the camera’s off. That means no staged positions to focus on close up genital penetration. No editing things like the application of a condom or lube. And no money shot. Gallop hopes to make “real world sex socially acceptable and socially sharable in a way no one has ever achieved.”

While perhaps a laudable goal, “sex-positive” sex is about as interesting as “real-life” cinema. Films that don’t edit out the hour-and-a-half subway ride to work. Characters with average looks, and lines that aren’t very witty, poorly delivered and most often rambling. Plots that go nowhere, with no discernible ending, and likely not a happy one. When people watch entertainment, whether drama, comedy or pornography, they simply are not looking to see a mirror of their daily lives, they are looking for an escape. Most people find their regular lives, and “real: sex relatively boring, which is why they turn to entertainment in the first place, and seek out ways to spice up their sex lives in less than “sex-positive” ways. We wish Gallop the best. But the reality sex-positive porn simply can’t compete with entertainment porn. Sex positive porn is likely sitting in middle-school sex education class all over again….

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Joshua Basso is the leading contender for “The Dumbest Fucking Man on the Planet” (second only to Prince Harry). We apologize if Mr. Basso has legitimate mental health issues, none of which have been reported, but if not, this is just plain fucking stupid. Like many, Josh has had some financial troubles. In 2009, he told police that he ran out of minutes on his LG phone, to justify his conduct. And so maybe again this month, in 2012, facing some financial difficulty, he again called 911 for phone sex and to solicit dispatchers to come to his home for sex.

We are not kidding. Josh, 32, called 911 seven times between August 22nd and August 24th, asking female deputies to respond to his home to provide him sexual services, according to a news release from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office. Deputies arrested Basso at his home on Friday. Back in 2009, he was arrested for making four calls to 911 and masturbating while speaking with emergency dispatch.

You can hear his 2009 911 calls, which were released and posted on YouTube, where Josh says, “I want to fuck,” “What are you wearing?” “I’m masturabting … my penis in my hand … and I want you to talk to me,” “Are you coming to see me? … What are you gonna do when you get here? … Are you going to pull down your pants and let me fuck you?” “You gonna fuck me? … You’ll fuck me?” “You got nice tits or what? … You got nice nipples?” “You gonna see me? … Can I be in your pussy?” “I want to cum, I want to fuck you … You got a nice butt?” and “You gonna fuck me baby?” All followed by minutes of masturbation, moans and grunts.



Is there a silver lining for Prince Harry out of his embarrassing Las Vegas nude photos? Well, adult film company Vivid Entertainment recently made Prince Harry an offer he’ll likely refuse, “the opportunity to truly become the coolest Prince of all time, by starring in a fun, sexy, big-budget adult film called ‘The Trouble with Harry.'” There has been no word, of course, from Buckingham Palace on whether he will accept. While the $10 million offer is a high one that most commoners would have to accept, it probably does little to whet a royal appetite. To sweeten the deal and further entice Prince Harry, Vivid founder Steven Hirsh promised in his letter to Prince Harrry, “Of course ‘little Harry’ will make an appearance too, but we assure you the sex will be well scripted, and the Crown Jewels will be [sic] not be ‘minimized’ in any way.” Who could refuse such an offer? The most obvious: Prince Harry.

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Before she was famous, Cameron Diaz did what we all have to do sometimes, what is necessary to survive. Well, she did a little more. She made this topless bondage video shoot that she would probably rather forget, which is for the rest of us pretty priceless.

She also did these:

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Who are the hottest twins in porn? We went looking, and found a number of potential contenders, like the Love, Apple, Spice and Jolie twins, four sets of twins from around the world. We’ll save the Love Twins for last, cause, they are without a doubt the best. We start with the worst. The Apple Twins, Kyla and Kira, who we would potentially consider in the running but frankly, they appear to be run-of-the-mill bleach-died-blondes (who don’t really look like twins), and have a nasty and vindictive professional attitude, advance by what appears to be their “manager,” which is in most cases a boyfriend, or a weird, creepy uncle, we’re not sure which in this case. A shitty personality with your peers in the industry (even if by the unseemly people you keep around you) really destroys whatever potential appeal this pair might have had. Like the Apple Twins, we discount the Jolie Twins, Renee and Jenee, who appear to put their careers in the hands of the same boyfriend or creepy uncle tool manager. Everybody loves twins, but no one loves assholes. (We’ll bring you pictures of both twins, and you can judge for yourself, once our lawyers deal with their tool manager.) But the Spice Twins, on the other hand, Hailey and Ashley are sexy Latinas from South America (though they’re not much for specifics), but damn they’re hot. So that made it easy, they clearly have our endorsement:

The Spice Twins

We would be remiss if we didn’t at least mention Crystal and Christin Guzman, Shawna and Jennifer Bucci and, of course, Crystal and Jocelyn Potter, a trio of former porn star twins. You can still find them around, but we were looking for the hottest active porn twins.

And no, we didn’t forget about one of the hottest, the Love Twins, Lacey and Lyndsey. They just don’t have side-by-side bios, so we had to settle for the quick round down and pics: 28 (born August 26, 1983), Cleveland, Ohio, 5’2″, 103lbs, 36B-24-3. You can read more on their biography page.

The Love Twins

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