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Hunter Moore, the mastermind behind now-defunct, a revenge site, where ex-lovers took revenge on their former partners by posting not only nude pictures but also Facebook profiles to give identity to the humiliation, appears to be under investigation by the FBI. It appears that Moore may have purchased some of his content, and perhaps a large part of his content, from a notorious hacker. According to the Village Voice:

[T]he FBI’s Los Angeles Internet Crime division has been actively investigating Hunter Moore and Is Anyone Up for months, according to four people who say they’ve been interviewed by the FBI about his now-shuttered site. The case’s focus, according to those familiar with the investigation, was Moore’s possible connection to a hacker who has repeatedly broken into the inboxes of countless victims, rifled through their attachments, and submitted the accompanying nudes to Is Anyone Up. (A Los Angeles FBI spokesperson would not confirm or deny such an investigation.)

Revenge is bitter sweet. Looks like, for Moore, now he is tasting the bitter side of his success.


Definitely Extra….


Seriously? You might as well work for air. Porn is free. It’s everywhere. feels differently though. In exchange for working on simple tasks, like judging the quality of satellite images to rating the quality of search results to flagging images for adult content, workers receive credit that can be spent for various porn products offered on the site. Ironic, it seems, that users would flag images for adult content, effectively eliminating porn, in exchange for credits to buy porn on ELM.

But Ben Tao, CEO of ELM believes “[t]he Work for Porn program is exciting for many reasons.” He explained, “The first is in this era of ‘free adult content’ we offer an alternative method to buying content which doesn’t involve a credit card. Users can now work for it. And by earning and spending credits our sellers directly benefit. The second reason is the implication of what we’re doing. How by motivating users with adult content they contribute work that improves search results, helps companies create better products, and even prevents unwanted adult photos from showing up in people’s favorite websites.” Uhhh… for ELM to eliminate free porn so you can buy it from ELM. That just don’t make any fucking sense…


Yesterday, we reported on, a porn funding website set to launch this month. Well, beat them to the punch. They have been operating since , and so far raised $26,000 from over 600 active users from 17 countries. They also have a patent pending for their system. Let the porn funding wars begin!


“A shmoke und a pancake. You know, a flapjack und a shigarette? No? Shigar und a waffle? No? Pipe und a crepe? No? Bong und a blintz? No? Well, then there ish no pleashing you,” asked Goldmember in the Austin Powers movie of the same name. But how about a hotdog and a….handjob? Well, Catherine Scalia’s sale of hot dogs and sex landed her in jail, again. The Long Island resident was arrested recently for offering off-menu services out of her hot-dog truck. She was arrested on similar charges in 2004. Residents tipped off authorities to her renewed operations after they discovered she was handing out suggestive business cards to customers. The cards, entitled “Strips-R-Us” offered bachelor party services, “one-on-one strips” and a “topless cleaning service.”

Nassau County Police spokesman Kevin Smith reported hat after an undercover officer bought two hotdogs and water for $5, he was offered additional services, and went back to Scalia’s home where she performed a striptease for $100 and then “agreed to manullaly stimulate him for an additional $50.” And that brought an end to the hot-dogs and handjobs service, as Scalia was handcuffed and charged with prostitution.

Neighbors said the men who they had seen leaving her home apparently enjoyed their experience, according to one neighbor that “They seemed pretty happy” and “Now I can see why.”

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