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Reports of Penthouse’s demise are much exaggerated. The magazine is saying that mainstream outlets are misreporting the announcement of the launch of its new digital magazine, which did not in any way imply it was stopping print. Print is not going anywhere said Penthouse Managing Director Kelly Holland. “To answer what was picked up in the press, obviously the mainstream press doesn’t read down to the bottom of press releases,” she said. “We never suggested that we were stopping Penthouse’s print publication. What we said was that we were launching the digital edition. We’re really excited about that. We have some interesting, cutting-edge technology for digital print; our digital publication is going to be really interactive, and we’re really excited about that, and we’re working on that, but saying that we’re launching digital is not to imply that we’re suspending the print publication. As a matter of fact, we’re just closing our March issue and beginning to work on the April edition.”

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“I think announcing that we’re launching digital coupled with the fact that we’re moving our print operations from New York to Los Angeles was somehow an easy suggestion that we’re closing print, but we absolutely are not,” she added. “I find the print publication still relevant. I think print has a gravitas that digital does not. Print has allowed us to access people and advertisers and relationships that I don’t think we could ever have accessed with only a digital publication. We need to message to a new generation, which is the millennials, and granted, the millennials rarely pick up a book; however, our print publication has allowed us to make alliances with brands that are relevant to millennials through a variety of means, both our advertising plus a project we have called Pop Shots, where we ask cultural icons to come in and shoot a layout and put their take on what they find to be hot about women, and that in turn has put us into a relationship with the millennial generation.”


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