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By: SINN & SKINN Login|Create Account is trying to make “pornosexual” happen. It is a sexual orientation term for someone whose “sexual orientation is linked solely to porn,” according to the website. One self-identified pornosexual said, “If I had to choose to have one or the other for the rest of my life, I would choose porn over real sex any day.” But it isn’t exactly clear whether MedicalDaily views pornosexuals as new sexual orientation or as a psychological disorder. The website quotes Christene Lozano, a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified sex addiction therapist, saying it is more of a lifestyle choice for people who find find porn more “convenient” than sex with a real person. “The convenience of getting off online without the potential work, vulnerability, intimacy, and connection with others can be appealing to some,” she said. But another marriage, family and sex therapist, Amanda Pasciucco sees it a bit differently. She said is more about fear of rejection. “Unfortunately, in my years of practicing sex therapy, anxiety and fear of rejection has led to people identifying as pornosexuals,” she said. It is a growing occurrence is young men more than than women, as they are more likely to view porn. We will likely hear more about pornosexuals as porn becomes a part of almost daily life, and for some, replaces entirely physical sexual relationships with other people.

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