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Anastasiya Scheglova is a Russian glamour model from Moscow, who recently appeared in Ellements magazine for its May 2017 edition. It was a sexy but only partially nude lingerie shoot that caught our eye. We were only today turned on to Anastasiya by one of our peers, from this shoot. So we went looking for more, of course. It was hard to get much information about her, because it is almost entirely in Russian. But we found a Reddit page devoted to her entire body of work, here, and the body is fairly large. We also found an extra video of Anastasiya in a video for the band Marriages, for its song “Love, Texas.” Correction: Love, Anastasiya.

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We’ve been catching up with old infatuations today, and that brought us back to Said Energizer. This time around he’s working with nude model Suzy Q. Suzy is Anastasiya Scheglova, a Russian model, who is without a doubt the perfect justification for our infatuation with Said’s work.

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