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Actress Maitland Ward Baxter is really our own personal folk hero. She just continues to post nude pictures not to gain celebrity status, she already had it, not to maintain it, cause it seems she doesn’t really give a shit, but just because she knows we (you) enjoy it. We hope this selfless philosophy is catching.

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Maitland Ward, 39, is committed. Her days as an actress on Boy Meets World are long gone, but she is more popular than she ever was when she was on television because of her devotion to cosplay and showing her naked body whenever she gets an opportunity. We have to thank our friends over at for this screen shot of Maitland on her Snapchat, keeping the faith. It is a conviction we admire and can only respect.

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Maitland Ward, 39, has been good for a flirtatious serious of nude but covered pictures on a regular basis. We applaud the celebrity for showing her sexuality and body. We hoped more celebrities would follow suit, but so far with the exception of the occasional “nip slip,” few celebrities have taken up the mantle. And Maitland herself has largely covered her goodie parts while posing nude. So after a couple years, we find ourselves asking, Maitland, “is that it?” We’ve seen this act before, it’s past time for act two.

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Maitland Ward Baxter, 39, has opened herself up to the world in a way that few celebrities have, by revealing a so far unmitigated stream of partially and in some instances full nude erotic images of herself. Her flirtatious pictography shared over her Snapchat and other social media accounts have aroused the interest and titillated the senses of news and media outlets all over the world, renewing interest in the actress who
sMATW1has seemed to have ventured far off the path of Hollywood darling that she once walked.

    She began her career as “Jessica Forrester” on The Bold and the Beautiful (1987), a role she played for three years, and then appeared for a short time as a guest-star on Home Improvement (1991). She is most known as “Rachel McGuire” from the series Boy Meets World (1993), a show she starred in for three years. If you review her IMDb, Maitland hasn’t done much since her roles in Out of Practice and Rules of Engagement back in 2007. But that hasn’t stopped her from finding a way to reinvent herself, and become a social media sensation.

   You might not have expected it from a 39-year-old married woman, but Maitland has been having fun posing with fetish and porn stars, and posting cosplay and partially nude pictures of herself, for which the Internet has taken notice. It prompted SINN & SKINN to sit down with the actress and get more perspective on what has motivated the actress to make such a dramatic change.

   Here’s what Maitland had to say to SINN & SKINN:

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1. You’ve received a lot of attention recently for your sexy and in some instances nude (topless), pictures on social media. Why did you decide to post sexier and nude pictures of yourself, and continue?

I don’t think it was a cut and clear decision that I one day said I’m going to post sexy pictures. It actually comes more from my personality and my sense of fun. I’m a sensual, sexual person and I’m unashamed about that. I like to have fun and be a little wild. I don’t take things so seriously. The fact that some people get so up in arms when a woman shows her boob is hilarious to me. Like, there are more threats and dangers out there in the world that you should be up in arms about than a nipple. Actually, I take that back. My nipples are quite dangerous…

2. What has been your perception of the reaction to your more provocative pictures? Has it affected you, in your career, for instance, or as your status as a celebrity figure?

I’ve played a lot of “good girl” roles in my day, so it definitely woke people up to the fact that I’m all grown up now. And it’s definitely heightened the attention I get and I like that it kind of shocked people and made them see me differently than they did before. It’s opened up a lot of new and different opportunities. I never thought all the fun I had with comic cons would garner so much interest and would turn into what it has. I was just having fun and doing my thing and I think that’s what people noticed—that I actually love all of that stuff.


3. There are several movements for topless equality between men and women, most prominent, #FreeTheNipple. Is social equality part of your motivation, or more self-expression?

I 100% believe in #freethenipple. All the body and slut shaming needs to stop. That’s not completely why I take photos like I do—it’s more self expression—but it’s definitely part of the reason. And the more I’ve taken sexy pictures and have seen the backlash other women get for doing the same, it’s become more and more important to me. The fact that women have to hide and be ashamed of their bodies or be ashamed of their sexuality is ridiculous. And for women to say you are harming feminism by showing your body is even more ridiculous. Women being covered up was a way men controlled women and their sexuality. Husbands kept the wives locked up from expressing themselves with their bodies. I am a feminist and I believe in being proud of my body. I’m not saying every woman should be a free as I am. But, if you want to do it, do it. If you don’t, don’t. Being sexy is part of being a woman and I try to embrace that. And seriously, why is a man’s nipple okay and a woman’s not?

4. You’ve talked about body shaming as well, saying on Instagram (and Twitter), “I think women should be able to express themselves however they want and the haters should go take a cold shower.” But when women post those kind of pictures on social media, is that not an invitation for comment, and criticism, including by more conservative minded individuals who have different views?

    First, I don’t mind stirring up a little controversy. It creates interest and conversation and it’s fun to push the limits. No change ever came without pushing boundaries. I’m a bit of a naughty dare devil, too. And I never want to be boring. I think my fans appreciate it. I definitely appreciate their interest in me and my self expression.

    Everything is up for criticism on the Internet. You’ll always get comments from both sides. I find it funny when super conservative people write hateful comments thirty seconds after I post a pic. It’s like, what are you doing following me so hard? If you’re ultra conservative, you don’t have to look.

    Everyone can have an opinion. But, I don’t believe women or anyone else should be bullied or disrespected or shamed because of what they’re wearing or what they aren’t.

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5. And is it just sexy pictures, or do you also support women who post fully nude, and which some may consider pornographic, pictures as free expression?

I have no problems with nude shots or anything pornographic as long as everyone is of age and gives consent. I am totally open to doing nudes if shot beautifully. I’ve done a few shoots like that, but the complete nudes haven’t been released yet. I do think that anything pornographic should be blocked from kids to see. But, people should be free to post and do what they want as long as it isn’t hurting anyone.

6. We have to ask, do you watch porn, and do you have a favorite porn star (female or male)? Any kind in particular?

I actually have a few friends who are/were in porn. And I did a “National Kiss a Ginger Day” photo shoot with Elle Alexandra. It was a lot of fun kissing a hot redhead porn star on my bed. My husband thought so, too.

I like a variety, but it has to be well produced. I can’t stand the really cheesy stuff. It totally takes me out of the fantasy. I love role-play. And bondage.


7. Do you feel that social media platforms should censor content for nudity, as Instagram does, or be more of a free market, like Twitter? Why?

I am anti-censorship, unless it’s harmful to someone involved. Like no one should be able to put up videos without someone’s consent. And kids shouldn’t be allowed to see certain things. But, that also falls under parental jurisdiction. The nipple should definitely be freed on Instagram or they should make men put their shirts on, too.

8. Some women have taken advantage of New York’s more liberal policy towards women going topless, have you considered going topless around New York City as others have done? Any time soon?

I haven’t thought about that really. I don’t have a problem with it. Maybe on a sweltering summer day… There would definitely be photos of that on my snapchat! Actually, this may really happen…


9. You’ve described yourself, among other things, as a “Cosplay Queen.” What is your favorite costume/role to play? Do you have any other fetishes or kink that people might not know about Maitland Ward Baxter?

Favorite costume is probably Red Sonja or Jessica 6 from Logan’s Run. And I like to play strong, powerful, kick-ass women. It’s fun when I get to have a sword or a whip.

I’m a writer as well and I’ve written a lot of erotica and dark comedy. Sometimes combining the two.

I’m actually penning a superhero erotica character for myself. She will definitely kick ass, take names and explore her sexuality along with her superpowers. I actually think sexuality is a superpower all unto itself.

I’m fascinated with tantric sex and sensual forms of yoga. I’m actually a certified yoga instructor (never taught, just wanted to do the training for me). I want to study that limb of yoga further. I want to learn tantric massage.

A lot of girls just say they like anal to impress guys. I seriously love it. Seriously. I have major orgasms from it.

10. We are a bit curious, what is the wildest thing you done in public, cause we’ve seen some pictures of some pretty erotic shoots.

Completely changed in the middle of a park surrounded by three photographers and almost got arrested because of it.

11. Would you ever consider posing fully nude, for instance, if Playboy went back to publishing nudity? For what publication, for example a foreign edition of U.S publication, like Vogue Italy or a LUI magazine, more open to nudity or something like an adult magazine, Penthouse, for example?

Playboy did beautiful layouts and I would’ve liked to do that. I’m sorry they stopped that. Definitely for quality publications. I love Europeans because they don’t have the hangups Americans do. I think nudes can be stunning. Some of our greatest art is of nudes. So, the European publications are something I’d like to explore further.

12. Who are you supporting for president this year? And, would you campaign topless to help promote your candidate?

Hillary. I worked for her campaign in 2008 when I was living in NYC. I travelled with her campaign. I’m not sure she’d want me to go nude for the campaign, but if she asked, I would do what I could for my country.

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