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We begin another season of #PornStarMadness. It is our third year in a row (others may imitate, but we are the original). Kendra Sunderland dominated the field in 2015. Brandi Love still gets retweets from her huge win in 2016. And it is a sure bet that both powerhouses will be returning this year, when we announce our bracket seeding on Selection Sunday in a couple days. But this year we’ve seen a lot of shake ups in the porn world, and getting to our final 64 porn stars will be difficult. Some huge favorites have retired in the last year, like Mia Khalifa. The newcomers are a damn fine and outstanding group. Every year we take some heat for our selections, and yes, opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one, and we have ours. We try to minimize the arbitrariness, and we’ll explain the selection process (again) on Sunday with the final brackets. For now, it is all about the pre-selection hype. About the Number 1 seeds this year. Who is in? Who is out? What will this year’s matchups look like? Every active porn star is in the running as of today. So if you want to keep your favorite in, shout them out. We’re still looking at the rankings, the statistics, the social media pages, so let us know. #PornStarMadness has officially begun.

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