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British celebrities Melanie Sykes, 46, Sally Lindsay, 43, and Catherine Tyldesley, 33, and Kym Marsh, 41, were all hacked in another iCloud nude picture leak. It was a MILF leak, and frankly, seeing Sally Lindsay naked was disturbing. We can’t unsee that. We don’t encourage you to go looking for her topless pictures. Most of the leak were harmless clothed, but private pictures, some in lingerie. Melanie Sykes, however, had several nude pictures that were definitely on the fit hot MILF side. And it seems some celebrities still didn’t get the memo: stop taking nude selfies. Well, in Melanie’s case, definitely keep taking them, because honestly we wouldn’t mind seeing more of her nude on the Internet. Sally, definitely stop.

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Kim Kardashian naked, really? How is this newsworthy or leak-worthy at all? She has a sex tape, for God’s sake. She’s been nude in Playboy. By all accounts, she’s a porn star, even if retired. Kayne West revels in her porn success, rapping in “Clique”, “Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.” A sex tape home movie, with Ray J, not Kanye, by the way. Some have questioned whether these are fake. We question whether Kim didn’t release them herself as a publicity stunt. Yes, the pictures came with the release of a round of other celebrities, making us think these are probably not a stunt, but who really cares? Even if not intentional, we doubt Kim is all that shaken about them (they’re rather PG as nude selfies go), and it isn’t something we haven’t already seen before. Kim Kardashian, of all people, should know not to have these kind of pictures (again, leading us to the think they were plants). No doubt the Kardashian klan is hard at work trying to further profit from the release. We say, not a big deal (and that our appetite for nude celebrity leaks is beyond full).

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