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It’s a small world after all, especially on the Internet. Iran recently stepped up its censorship of porn. Iran’s national telecom used Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to fake routes for 256 adult websites, in order to block access. It exposed a major problem with the Internet, and how one countries’ policies can have unintended consequence for others who love their porn. It can be a little complicated, but the most basic explanation is that internet service providers look for the shortest pathway to website IP address. When Iran created fake BGP pathways to block certain websites, some service providers mistook them as real, and so users were directed to blank pages for those websites. A surprisingly large number of countries were close enough to seek out the fake Iran pathways, creating a much broader white out for a number of adult websites. While clearly Middle Eastern countries were affected, Iran’s censorship also reached India’s Bharti Airtel, Russia’s RETN, Indonesia’s Telekomunikasi and Hong Kong’s Hutchison, which are all significant ISPs in their respective regions. Slowly the service providers realized the mistake, and within 28 hours, things began to return to normal. But it shows how vulnerable the Internet can be, and how just like that, we could lose porn. So you should enjoy the time you have for the time you have it. Because porn may not always be around. Stock up on external hard drives with terabytes of space and start hoarding.

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Mark Zuckerberg and friends probably didn’t see too many breasts while they were locked away in their dorms at Harvard creating Facebook, and sadly, still didn’t see too many once they became media giants and billionaires. Tech geeks have it rough…. So it isn’t surprising that Facebook censors couldn’t tell the difference between a woman’s elbows and a really large set of boobs. Granted, Therories of the Deep Understanding of Things (TDUT), who posted the picture as part of an “alertness test” didn’t make it easy. The picture is meant to be deceptive. And, TDUT wanted to make a statement, one they posted shortly after Facebook removed the picture: “So, Here’s last night’s FB alertness test results: FB moderators can’t tell an elbow from a dangerous, filthy, uncanny and violent female breast>> no questions were asked and the post is down> Imagine our surprise >”.

[Explicit Video: Bridgette B., Sex Teacher on Naughty America]

In all fairness to Facebook censors, they are stuck in between a rock and a hard place, trying to keep the largest global social network family friendly, but also catering to the wishes of adults. In that battle, Facebook recently received a lot of negative attention for censoring pictures of women breast feeding, citing a violation of terms where photos show a fully-exposed breast. This picture too received a fair amount of negative media attention, from the Huffington Post and others. Facebook quickly restored the image, saying to the Huffington Post UK “This photo does not violate our content standards and we have already restored the photo. We made a mistake removing the picture and apologised to the page admin.

In response, TDUT posted another comment: “It’s nice to know that tons of media-exposure can actually make FB be a little more sensible, or maybe worried. Our mission is sorta accomplished then, though the more important issue, which is this pathetic fear of the human body and human sexuality, is far from being resolved. So no real tits and asses for you. not even in a renaissance or in an abstract painting. Try to enjoy those Hair-removal and breast implants ads, though. We can’t wait for the next FB alertness test.”

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