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64-year-old “freelance” photographer Michael Warnock found out the hard way that the First Amendment doesn’t allow you to shop bare naked pussy around the local strip mall in the name of art. It’s called indecent exposure. Well, that is what nude model Chelsea Guerra, 21, who Michael found on Craigslist, was charged with. Michael was charged with criminal solicitation, criminal conspiracy, disorderly conduct and possession of controlled substances. That was after he and his model were caught taking photos with her wearing only thigh-high black stockings and high heel shoes at the Miracle Mile Shopping Center in Monroeville, PA, near Pittsburgh. Michael said it was an “art project.” Police said when officers arrived, Chelsea was walking in the parking lot wearing nothing but long black stockings and high heels. Police wrote in a criminal complaint that there was a “group of people gathering around Ms. Guerra and Mr. Warnock complaining about her current state of dress.” This all went down at 11 a.m. on Saturday, April 8, 2017, when police noted there were large crowds and “multiple small children with their families on the sidewalks.” Word to the wise, Michael, start at 5 a.m, not 11. And try a not so public place as a shopping center. It may be art but it is still a crime.

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We weren’t able to find uncensored pictures of Chelsea strutting her naked ass around the shopping center (we have the censored one), but we did find her mug shot, along with Michael.

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If you happen to review the Rants and Raves section of Craigslist, in any location, you’ll likely find a lot of people ranting and raving about shit no one cares about, like no one. But every once and a while you’ll find a jewel, like this Hump Day ass flash. Someone posted, “So so tired of listening and reading about nothing but boring Politics and backwards Religions that I just have to say Kiss My Ass Chicago.” Too bad you can’t post comment to Craigslist posts, cause we have no doubt there would be a lot of takers for that offer.

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Technically, the Burlington, Vermont police are well within their purview to investigate the self-proclaimed University of Vermont seniors who posted on Craigslist that they were “looking for an attractive older woman to come and cook for us every few days. In exchange [for] her pick of the men of the house to have.” Technically, it is solicitation for prostitution. And since the Burlington police have absolutely nothing better to do, well, why the hell not. The boys weren’t too picky (which is the real crime), saying “Requirements aren’t lengthy; be a woman older than 25 who can cook and would like to enjoy some hot sex with a number of fit 20 somethings.” The Craigslist posting, which has since been removed, has already elicited a strong reaction from the University of Vermont, with its spokesman Enrique Corredera saying that “Since Craiglist does not release the names of individuals posting ads, we do not yet know for a fact that this ill-advised and offensive post originated with a University of Vermont student or students.” Perhaps Enrique should take a look at the meal plans at the University and solve why the male students are pimping themselves out for a meal….

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This Craigslist ad is making national news. We’re assuming this was Dad’s idea, to find a “Sugar Baby for my Son” according to his post on Craigslist, trying to find a girl to take his son’s virginity and “Keep dating him (and showing him different sex positions) til he goes to college.” The son is set to go off to Harvard in the Fall, but according to Dad (again, our assumption here), he’s “extremely smart but socially awkward, has never had a girl friend and … he’s a virgin.” Why change the status quo, Dad, he’ll fit right in at Harvard. This well meaning father put a lot of thought into finding the right girl/prostitute for his son, posting in the “casual encounters” section of Craigslist in Philadelphia. At least we have to give him credit for showing an active interest in his son’s life, though maybe a little over-active. Clearly, Dad, a boy should learn to buy a prostitute on his own. Cause learning that your Dad secretly set you up with a prostitute from Craigslist, that’s not traumatizing at all… Dr. Phil, here’s a family soon coming your way.

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