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Porn star Eva Lovia has starred in more than 130 movies since her 2013 debut, and she is now for the first time doing a series of anal scenes for Greg Lansky’s Tushy. It is a showcase, with the working title of Eva, including Eva’s first boy/girl anal scene, first double-penetration scene, first girl/girl anal, first interracial anal and first three-way anal. So a lot of anal scenes, just all ass, ass, ass and more ass penetration of every imaginable kind. She talked with AVN about her upcoming anal marathon, and it was actually pretty interesting. “Everything happens for a reason,” Eva said. “During the time I was with Digital Playground they were supposed to do my showcase and it didn’t ever end up happening,” but with Tushy, she addd, “We just did two weeks straight of filming, which is crazy. Nobody does that.” In talking about her anal scenes, and in particular her double penetration (that is, both anal and vaginal at the same time), Eva said, “It’s one of those things you can’t really prep for. You can kind of try it in your personal life with a toy, but it’s such a different animal with two people on camera. I cant even explain it. It took my breath away.” We’ve heard being double stuffed can do that to a girl.

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Eva continued, “At one point Greg was like, ‘Make sure you’re breathing.’ There’s so much going on. There’s an overwhelming amount of sensations. It was really, really cool. I had two really strong performers so I got to experience it. I didn’t have to worry about opening up or positions. The guys took charge. I was just there to experience something pretty awesome. I’m definitely going to remember it for a very long time.” We would think it would be pretty hard to forget. Eva finished, saying, “My heart was racing. It was our first time meeting and we’re doing a DP, so I’m not like, ‘I got this.’ When we got done shooting Greg said it was one of the best first DP scenes he’s ever seen. He said, ‘That was your first DP? I don’t believe you.’ I think for me it was just mental. I kind of psyched myself out thinking this is going to be so hard, but my body was more advanced than my mindset.” And if you’re interested in this all anal masterpiece, plans are to release the Eva trailer in July and then one scene at a time until the DVD release in early September.


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