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20-year-old British model Chloe Ayling was kidnapped and almost sold on the dark web, according to Italian authorities. She was drugged and kidnapped in Milan, but was released, for unknown reasons. Lukasz Pawel Herba, a 30-year-old Polish citizen who resides in the United Kingdom, was arrested July 17 on kidnapping charges. He was arrested outside the British consulate in Milan with Chloe, said Lorenzo Bucossi, the head of the Milan Police Mobile Command unit. Police are looking for another suspect. Chloe told police that she arrived in Milan on July 10 for a photo shoot. She went to an apartment in Milan for the shoot, but was attacked by two men, loaded into a bag, and then stuffed into the trunk of a car, she told police. She said she was driven to an isolated cottage in Borgial, Italy, a village near the French border, according to police. Then, Chloe was handcuffed to a wooden chest in a bedroom of the cottage for a week until she was released and accompanied to the British consulate.

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“She demonstrated a braveness and a strength of will that one would not expect in a 20-year-old,” her attorney, Francesco Pesce said. “What she has been through is truly terrifying and I hope that what she did to help the investigation will subsequently help other potential kidnapping victims.”

Chloe’s abductors used encrypted accounts to demand a ransom of $300,000 form her agent to stop an alleged dark web auction from taking place, claiming to work on behalf of a group called the “Black Death Group.” The “dark web,” is a network of websites that are typically not found by search engines, and are often protected through encryption. Drugs, weapons and other items are illegally traded there. Authorities say that Lukasz may have previously organized several online auctions of abducted women. Italian police described him as a “dangerous subject with aspects of mythomania,” which is a pathological inclination to exaggerate. “It is unclear … whether the young people were really kidnapped or whether the man invented everything,” Deputy Prosecutor Paolo Storari said at a press conference. “The man also presented himself as a professional killer.”


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