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The Lifetime movie “From Straight As to XXX” aired Saturday, and pretty much no one cared. It was based on the real life story of Miriam Weeks, porn star “Belle Knox,” who is a Duke University student and gained 20-minutes of fame for turning to porn to pay her tuition. Most people have forgotten about Belle. She was not a big porn star, and so after the story of her Blue Devil background broke, she returned to relative obscurity and retired from porn. General Hospital actress Haley Pullos stars as Weeks in the movie, and that’s probably its only redeeming value to anyone. When Haley was asked why anyone would care to watch the movie, she said, “This movie is so important because it shows you the depth and the hardship of being hated simply for making a decision for your own life, and I think everybody needs to understand that that is the message. [What she did] was legal. It was fully legal. It’s not like she did anything legally wrong. You might have different morals, and that’s okay, that’s your own decision with your own life, but this woman made a legal decision with her own life. That’s her choice and she shouldn’t have been harassed the way that she was, and that’s why I think it’s important.” In a separate interview, she said about why she decided to play the role, “I’m a huge feminist and so I’m all about women empowerment and being able to make your own choices and that’s what I feel like this whole movie focuses on. Miriam was just terrorized and abused by everybody for making her own choice and I wanted to be able to tell that story because it’s so heavy and important.” Well, we pay moderate tribute to Miriam empowering herself.

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