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Joy Corrigan, 22, has been on a roll. The Sports Illustrated model was named Playboy‘s Miss February 2017 (before the nudes came back), and she has been in Miami shooting bikini shots, which have been stunning spectators all week. We jumped on the Joy train today, from some of her most recent shots. And while the hot as fuck North Carolina native may be living the life now, she did talk with Playboy about life growing up on a farm before she got the fuck out. She said, “I grew up poor. I didn’t know drinking powdered milk and wearing hand-me-downs wasn’t the norm.” And added, “When I first started pursuing my dream, several people tried to dissuade me and were not very supportive. One person told me that I see the world through rose-coloured glasses. I’d have to agree, only now it’s when I’m modeling those glasses, surrounded by photographers, on set in exotic locations.” Yeah, that’s some “how you like me now” type shit. We feel it. Cause we are feelin’ Joy.

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We could only feel her more, if she dropped a Petey Pablo, and said, “North Carolina! C’mon and raise up / Take your shirt off, twist it ’round yo’ head / Spin it like a helicopter. South Carolina!C’mon and raise up / This one’s for you, uh-huh, this one’s for who? / Us, us, us; yes sir!”


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Brandi Love dominated. Period. In the end it came down to who wanted it most, and Brandi was definitely playing to win. Brandi beat Kendra Lust in the #PornStarMadness Championship with an impressive 64% of the vote, and tons of tweets from her fans. While she was modest during the tournament, Brandi crushed just about every opponent she faced. And with her final victory we are sending Brandi a championship trophy, t-shirt and $500 cash prize. She definetely earned her win with an impressive show of support. #LoveTroopers blew up Twitter with support for Brandi, round the clock. About her win, Brandi said, “#pornstarmadness was a huge success thanks to my incredible team of #lovetroopers. Their continued love and support has made my career such a wild and fun ride. North Carolina made it to the finals and in this case took home the win!” And with that, Brandi reigns for this year, having topped a field of 64 of the hottest porn stars in the industry.

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We aren’t exactly sure why, but making news is the arrest of two twins, Katelyn and Sarah Lothrop, for prostitution in Raleigh, North Carolina, after posting on Since is a den of prostitution, where there are literally hundreds of prostitution ads posted every day in every major city in the United States, we are a little bewildered. In their post, the sisters called themselves “Kerri” and “Krystal,” and were looking for “Fellaz” in “need of two sexy young twins with excellent talent.” They advertised, “We have a perfect body with the softest skin,” and offered to “make your dreams come true & then some.” It was titled, “Hot and sexy beautiful fun Twins.” We still don’t get why this is making such national news, but they are pretty cute twins, too bad they got busted.

[Explicit Video: Stevie Shae, Scissoring in the Sauna on Brazzers]



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No one knows for certain if this North Carolina billboard is part of a clever advertising campaign or truly a scorned lover who decimated their savings account to publicly embarrass her husband, but it is catching people’s attention.

[Explicit Video: Veronica Rodriguez, After Show Soak on Brazzers]


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For over 40 years, North Carolina’s public nudity statute did not include breasts, thanks to a 1970 state Court of Appeals ruling that said the term “private parts” did not include them. But that was the 70s. Fast forward to 2013, and new legislation seeks to “clarify” the prohibition on public nudity by making it a Class H felony for anyone (specifically women) to expose “external organs of sex and excretion, including the nipple, or any portion of the areola, of the human female breast.” The state legislator who proposed it, Rayne Brown (R), said “there are communities across this state, there‚Äôs local governments across this state, and also local law enforcement for whom this issue is really not a laughing matter.” She said that she was prompted in part by Asheville’s second annual topless protest and women’s rally last August. It had only a dozen women who went topless to “promote women’s equality,” but apparently caused quite a stir among communities, local governments and law enforcement.

[Explicit Video: Bridgette B, Breakfast with Bridgette on Brazzers]

If passed, this new legislation would make those women, and others in the state who dare show their breasts in public criminals, facing up to six months in prison, with “more mundane” exposure only resulting in a 30-day sentence. There is an exemption, however, for breastfeeding. But no more topless protests, unfortunately.

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