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The Marine Corps is now figuring out that the now deleted Facebook page Marines United, where over 30,000 members posted pictures of nude female Marines, isn’t the only game in town. The investigation that rocked the Marine Corps is spreading not to other websites but also other branches of service. Marine officials said they have received reports of at least a half dozen other similar sites. James LaPorta, a former Marine who is now a journalist, said Marines United is spreading like a cancer to other chat groups, like message board website Anon-IB. Some former Marines United members are said to have migrated to a new private Facebook group called Marines United 2.0. Others have taken to According to veterans’ news site Task & Purpose, members are posting from their personal Facebook accounts and are not only reconstructing the original collection of nude photos from the original Marines United on a new DropBox folder, but are also posting on porn sites.

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Some jarheads really are jarheads. One wrote on the new Facebook page, “It would be hilarious if one of these FBI or [Naval Criminal Investigative Service] fucks found their wife on here.” Another wrote: “They can investigate all they want. It’s not illegal to share nudes lol.” One of the Marines United members who allegedly posted the link to the explicit photos cache said on the new page, “My dad just asked if I was a part of the group Marines United. He just saw all the hubbub on the interwebs about the ‘scandal’ going on. Statements made by the media, ‘The group was shut down with hours,’ and ‘The pictures have been removed,'” adding, “bwahahahahahaha. Not nearly boys!” The new group is said to have settings to filter out “blue falcons,” a Marine term for snitches.


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