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Riley Nixon is a hot young new porn star from Canada that’s been in the business all of a year. She has posed for Penthouse and she has plenty of porn films to her credit, 35 according to And now she’s giving her fans the chance to fuck her in person, but there’s a catch. There’s always a catch, and in this case, there are a few. It’s a contest, sponsored by The main prize is of course fucking Riley in an adult scene, but you have to be willing to appear in the scene (though, apparently, you can wear a mask). But you also get dinner with Riley, and a 3 day, 2 night stay in Las Vegas with accommodations and airfare included. And that’s not half-bad. But there’s another catch. You have to sign up to as a free member, buy 1,000 tokens and tip Riley the 1,000 on her page That gets you entered. But it also gets you a signed copy of the March 2017 issue of Penthouse featuring Riley Nixon as the centerfold, and a personalized photo of Riley. The drawing for the winner is on August 1, 2017. The winner has to do an industry standard testing and present two forms of valid US IDs. You have to be over the age of 21, and it is only open to legal residents of the United States, so that was sort of a fuck you to her Canada roots by Riley.

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We think there are easier ways to fuck a porn star, since most are escorts and will come to you. But we won’t tell anyone the best way to spend their hard-earned tokens…

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Reports of Penthouse’s demise are much exaggerated. The magazine is saying that mainstream outlets are misreporting the announcement of the launch of its new digital magazine, which did not in any way imply it was stopping print. Print is not going anywhere said Penthouse Managing Director Kelly Holland. “To answer what was picked up in the press, obviously the mainstream press doesn’t read down to the bottom of press releases,” she said. “We never suggested that we were stopping Penthouse’s print publication. What we said was that we were launching the digital edition. We’re really excited about that. We have some interesting, cutting-edge technology for digital print; our digital publication is going to be really interactive, and we’re really excited about that, and we’re working on that, but saying that we’re launching digital is not to imply that we’re suspending the print publication. As a matter of fact, we’re just closing our March issue and beginning to work on the April edition.”

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“I think announcing that we’re launching digital coupled with the fact that we’re moving our print operations from New York to Los Angeles was somehow an easy suggestion that we’re closing print, but we absolutely are not,” she added. “I find the print publication still relevant. I think print has a gravitas that digital does not. Print has allowed us to access people and advertisers and relationships that I don’t think we could ever have accessed with only a digital publication. We need to message to a new generation, which is the millennials, and granted, the millennials rarely pick up a book; however, our print publication has allowed us to make alliances with brands that are relevant to millennials through a variety of means, both our advertising plus a project we have called Pop Shots, where we ask cultural icons to come in and shoot a layout and put their take on what they find to be hot about women, and that in turn has put us into a relationship with the millennial generation.”


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Bankrupt Penthouse magazine recently named porn’s “Dirty Dozen,” some of the hottest and naughtiest performers in the business. From the list, though, it looks like Penthouse is hoping for a lot of comebacks, and one for itself. On the brink of financial insolvency and the point of no return, the magazine lists (in no particular order) Alexis Ford, Annette Schwarz, Belladonna, Brooklyn Lee, Ashley Blue, Jessie Andrews, Audrey Hollander, Sasha Grey, Dana Vespoli, Bonnie Rotten, Caprice and Asa Akira. It’s quite a list, many AVN Award winners, and Penthouse lists their “dirtiest moment.” Our list would have been different, we think. But we love porn stars, and this list ain’t bad by any stretch of the porn imagination. We won’t spoil Penthouse’s 10-page review, you’ll have to take a look at newsstands if you want the full story. But we’ll bring you our own review this week….for the moment, enjoy Alexis Ford.

[Explicit Video: Athena Pleasures, Athena’s A-Plus Titties on Brazzers]


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Unearthed from the private collection of Bob Guccione were a collection of 39 pictures of actress and model Lauren Hutton topless when she was 19 (she’s now 69), taken by Norman Nathan in 1962 and obtained by Guccione for possible publication in Penthouse Magazine. Only 7 ended up in the 1986 issue of Penthouse. All 39 pictures, both prints and negatives, are set to be auctioned on eBay on July 4, with a current bid of $8,600. Here are a few samples.

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A few days ago we told you about Jeremy Frommer, a former Wall Street hedge fund guy turned “Storage Wars” buyer, who stumbled across the Bob Guccione Penthouse magazine treasure trove. Since hearing of Jeremy’s find, YouPorn has started the bidding war, opening with a $150,000 offer for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sex pictures and the rest of the Guccione booty. “We’d like to seriously open a dialogue with you about purchasing the rights to publish the unpublished nude pics of the ‘Governator,’” wrote YouPorn’s marketing director Corey Price in an open letter to Jeremy. “We’d also like to publish the photos of Madonna and Lauren Hutton as well, but let’s face it, the real value here is in Schwarzenegger’s ‘Schwantz.’”

[Explicit Video: Rikki Six, Hot Friend on Naughty America]

Some things are better left unseen, and we’re thinking Arnold’s sex pics are one of them. No word yet from Jeremy.

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Jeremy Frommer was a hedge fund manger Royal Bank of Canada. Now, as a hobby, he purchases abandoned storage lockers, much like the popular A&E Network show “Storage Wars”. But this time, Jeremy didn’t just find some random collectors stash, he hit the jackpot. Purchasing an abandoned store unit in New Jersey, he found the late Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione’s collection.

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In the former Penthouse magnet’s collection were unpublished nude photos of Madonna and Lauren Hutton complete with negatives and release forms, correspondence with individuals such as Dick Cheney to the Unabomber and a woman claiming to be Fidel Castro’s lover, as well as reels of footage and one-of-a-kind artifacts from his epic (porn) film “Caligula” and an unpublished manuscript. And there’s more… Among the stash were Guccione’s personal files detailing his ’80s acquisition of publishing nude photos of then-Miss America Vanessa Williams and a takedown of televangelist Jimmy Swaggart. It contained countless shots of Penthouse Pets and amateur submissions, cartoons and sketches with Guccione’s notes, plans for a Penthouse Boardwalk Hotel and Casino and personal effects including journals, a camera, jewelry and bound appointment books.

Also in the files apparently is a a picture of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger engaged in what is described only as “a sex act.” Not a bad day for Jeremy.

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FriendFinder Networks Inc., owns and Penthouse magazine, among other affiliated sites, many of which were recently shut down. That is because FriendFinder has $511 million of debt, and was given three months by its bondholders to turn around the business, one that has never reported a profit. Some $280.5 million of second-lien notes plunged 26% this month to $0.13 on the dollar. The debt holders have given FriendFinder until November 14, 2012, to raise cash, Chief Financial Officer Ezra Shashoua said. But investors don’t think that is likely. Standard & Poor’s analyst Daniel Haines said it “could prove difficult” to refinance the debt.

Chief Executive Officer Anthony Previte is trying to cut costs and sell more subscriptions to people looking to meet for sex. But With just $12.8 million of cash as of June 30 and no profit since at least 2006, the company is struggling to generate enough money to pay off its obligations when they come due and to bring earnings in line with terms laid out in its debt agreement.

The largest bondholder is one the founders of the company, Andrew Conru, but when asked whether he would consider converting some of his second-lien notes, even Conru said he is “currently investigating all options” and “[e]verything depends on the terms.” Time will tell what will happen to two powerhouse brands in adult entertainment. Neither is likely to disappear completely, but certainly there may be dramatic changes in how they operate going forward.

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