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Anna Xiao in Brooklyn is a short video by Tony Ellis. He has a series of girls in New York on Vimeo. Anna X. is his most recent. We’ve seen a couple other videos of Anna on Vimeo, but this is her first fully nude. We also checked out her Instagram page @annaxiaoig. She mostly sells her videos on her private website. But here’s the free preview.

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“High for This” is a bit more artsy than we normally go for in our video previews (though only by a few shades), but we were drawn in by Shadia. We’re always on the lookout for something different, and Shadia’s got a look that we like, in addition to eraser size nipples that were damn sexy. We also added “Soul’s Lament,” another collaboration by Shadia and Tony Ellis.

We also like Shadia, because she’s a feminist philosopher like our girl Belle Knox. Here’s a quote from Shadia, “A lot of ppl think feminism means covering up and women taking on more masculine roles. I think thats true to an extent to be able to fill roles in whoch men do… so to me…real feminism is feeling comfortable in the body/temple and not hiding or feeling shame of the skin. Its owning your own self. Im 10 times kore comfortable nude than clothed. Tiz how we were created and born. Its all on how you carry yourself. Try it!”

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