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We aren’t at the point where you will stay in your basement locked up watching porn all day, no, wait, we are at that point. But what is better about it is it will be interactive. We were on Vimeo, and happened across the virtual reality sex simulation and were pretty shocked at how far the virtual sexual experience had come. There is still a long way to go, it may not take that long to get there. Take a look at how far we’ve come already.

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Sheri’s Ranch manager Dena is speaking out against virtual reality sex. Sheri’s Ranch, of course, is a legal brothel in Pahrump, Nevada (outside of Las Vegas). And the possibility that virtual sex will hurt real sex business is not one that Dena likes. “People are going to visit the top sex tourism city so that they can masturbate alone in a room?” said Dena, adding that virtual reality sex is a “gimmick”. “I don’t think so.” Dena thinks prostitutes are still your best option. As to the virtual reality sex equipment, “It’s a big thing on your head,” Dena said. “The whole thing is just too awkward. I don’t understand it. It seems lonely.”

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“People need human contact – it’s not just something that’s a want, it’s an actual need,” Dena argued. “Look at newborn babies, they survive better with human touch. As adults we need that as well.” She added, “You can’t procreate with a virtual reality headset,” but also admitted, “Well, I guess you can’t procreate in a brothel either.” But she does have a point. Dena finished by saying, “People may try out virtual sex, but you’ll go back to what you like, and that’s human touch. If they’re that lonely they should come to a brothel and not sit in a bedroom with a headset.” We will see, Dena, we will see.


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