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We have had our reservations about women who are too muscular. It just ins’t sexy. Tight good. Some muscle definition, not a problem. But ripped women seem to have less sex appeal. New research shows they also have less interest in sex. According to a new study from the University of North Carolina, too much exercise can kill your sex drive. Researchers studied people‚Äôs exercise habits and libido levels, and found those who train for a long period of time at high intensity suffer an almost instant loss of sex drive. And it isn’t just exhaustion from training. Extreme exercise can lead to an under-functioning pituitary gland, which means lower levels of testosterone and estrogen. And lower sex drive. On top of that, women also need a certain level of body fat for the reproductive system to work effectively. Too much exercise and too little body fat can cause it to shut down. And that pretty much topped off our reasons we couldn’t get down with the female bodybuilder fetish.

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